MFX79 – The RAW Edition

MFX79 The RAW Edition is up!! Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and life in general. On the show this week…

The lads pay their tribute to two fallen comedy heroes. There’s all your feedback and emails covered, a lot of fun is made of ‘apocalyptic method actor’ John Cusack, plus a ton of chat about the WWE Network and your experiences with it.

Elimination Chamber is given the full MFX treatment. It was a two match show, but one of those matches was one of the best matches you’ll see anywhere in the world this year. This review is one of the best you’ll hear anywhere in the world this year.

The RAW review wraps up the show for another week. Hogan’s back, Taker’s back, Brock’s back but all the lads want to talk about is Winnie the Pooh and his dangerous honey habit. Blame JBL.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels. Oh and don’t forget BUY SOME MERCH! #merchtoheaven

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