MFX81 – The RAW Edition

MFX81 The RAW Edition is up! Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and life in general. On the show this week…

It’s Duckman’s birthday! It’s Sir Ian’s wife’s birthday! There’s a full review of the fantastic BBC documentary Insane Fight Club, which is about the Scottish promotion Insane Championship Wrestling. The lads loved this and so did the rest of the MFX Galaxy. All your feedback is covered, there’s a thought provoking email and a not so thought provoking story about Vince McMahon and an old pair of loaded underpants.

They wrap up the show with the review of RAW. There’s Heyman promo greatness, Taker high on ‘Just for Men’ hair dye, more loaded underpants, Hogan teaches Cena a few lessons and of course Raw was occupied. A fun show and a really fun review.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels. Oh, it’s Duckman’s birthday – so buy some merch!


The Beatles – Happy Birthday