MFX85 – The IMPACT Edition

MFX85 the IMPACT Edition is up! Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in TNA and life in general. On the show this week…

The lads decide not to give up on TNA. Well, Sir Ian basically forced Duckman to keep going with it. To offset Duckman’s hatred of TNA, Sir Ian reviews the Scooby Doo/WrestleMania movie to cheer him up. We learn Sin Cara is over and it’s not nice to milk dogs. There’s some also some TNA related news discussed, including contract signings, possible releases and a new and unexpected addition to the creative team.

They wrap the show up with the IMPACT review. There’s loads of talk about TNA, where they stand as a company and whether or not they will ever be seen as a viable alternative to WWE. The Eric Young World Title win is covered in-depth. Plus Brick Hogan and Jeff Nero Hardy go to war.

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved in the show through all the usual channels.


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