MFX95 – Crime, Punishment and The Armenian Dream.

MFX95 is up!! Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and TNA. On the show this week…

It’s not a good week to be an Australian. With Rolf Harris and WWE’s Emma both making headlines for criminal behaviour (one much more serious than the other) the lads do have a lot of fun with both stories and the reaction of WWE fans to the Emma story. Plus Duckman gives the lowdown on his trip to Birmingham to see a live recording of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast.

There’s a ridiculous review of a fun edition of TNA IMPACT. Including more from the United Nations of the X-Division, Bram being Bram and some suggestions for new authority figures and their lookalike trios they should bring in.

The lads review MITB and the follow up Monday Night RAW. Great matches and returns make the headlines. The lads lose the plot over Vinny from Total Divas becoming Dusty Rhodes and they defend John Cena winning the WWE Title for the 15th time. We don’t care what the IWC says, anyone with the zen ninja skills with the ladies like Cena has, is alright in MFX’s book.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels. Oh and BUY SOME MERCH!

Dread Zepplin – Heartbreaker (At The End of Lonely Street)