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Part 1 – A Wrong Introduction.

Greetings guys, Adam Wrong here and I am a man in transition…

Those who know me from the forums or the podcast will know me as a man with a sick sense of humour, a man with an opinion and a mouth like a sailor. If you expect this to be a blog on felching, munting, motting and Cleveland Steamers you will be sorely disappointed as I am rapidly evolving into a moaning old man at times who is in transition…

This year is a milestone for me for a few reasons. I’m turning thirty, I’ll have been in my job for ten years now, I’ll be turning thirty…

Wow. Thirty years old. An age which seven-year-old me would have called ‘a proper grown up’. (More of that in later blogs) An age which I really need to start doing ‘proper grown up’ things and in particular this year is a prime opportunity to do so. This year I’m going to vote…

In the UK, the legal voting age is 18 and yet it has taking me twelve years to get around to bother to even register to vote. I don’t know why, I don’t think I’ve ever really understood the point of voting. I’ve only ever seen it as a group of stuffy old men in a stuffy room making decisions about things which are of no concern to me. I’ve never understood the party lines, the differences between the key parties have never been apparent to me and the need to vote has never been key to me.

So why now? Has a light been switched on and I have become enlightened? No. I still don’t understand politics, I still don’t see the differences between the key parties as they are all full of the same type of people, with the same backgrounds, similar careers and none of them are people who I consider necessary in my life. But where I am going in my life, what I do for a living and what I intend to do in the next few years will hinge on the future of the country, the economy and everything that the political powers will have control over.

As this is the first blog I’ll be writing on this, I thought I’d let you know a little about me so you will have a little understanding on me and my potential train of thought regarding my vote.

I live in Colchester which is a Liberal Democrat seat and has been since 1997 with the same politician in power. Colchester is in the East of England and is about 60 miles from London, is a garrison town with a university and is home to about 125 000 people. Just down the road is the seaside town of Clacton on Sea which is now home to a UKIP constituency. (More on that in later blogs)

I work for the National Health Service and have done proudly for the past ten years. For my professional registration alone, I am a member of the Trade Union although disagree with what they stand for and their militant nature. (again; more on that in later blogs) and within the next couple of years, myself and the girlfriend (also an NHS employee) will be looking at buying a house, getting married and having kids. All of which are significant to the major political parties.

Each of them will be talking about key factors in the run up to the general election in May. Interest rates for mortgages, allowances for working families and the future of the National Health Service will all be discussed and promises and guarantees will be made by each of them in the run up to the election to lure voters in and as an ‘undecided voter’ my vote has the potential to go in any direction. My views are not strong enough and far too varied to be classified as any one political interest. As of the posting of this blog there are a number of parties registered to be running in May for me to choose from.

·         Liberal Democrats – A social liberal political party whose MP is currently the MP of Colchester. They are the minor partner of the ruling coalition group in the UK

·         Conservatives – Centre-Right Party who is the dominant part of the current ruling coalition group in the UK.

·         Labour – Centre-Left party who are the current opposition of the ruling coalition. Pro-Union.

·         Green – An environmentally conscious political party.

·         UKIP – A Pro-UK, right wing, anti-European Union political party who are rapidly on the rise.

·         Christian Democratic Party – A party looking to uphold Christian Democratic values – a relatively new and minor party.

In the next few weeks, other candidates will no doubt step forwards to throw their name into the hat and over the next weeks and months, I want to look into each of them, what they stand for and how their beliefs and policies appeal or differ to my own interests.

At the moment, I don’t know. I want security for the NHS first and foremost. As somebody in the public centre, my pay has not been increased for a number of years, the cuts have been increasing, the pressure has been on the NHS has been rising, the negative press continues to surround it and the support is non-existent and the desire to privatise the Health Service is apparent from certain parties with interests elsewhere.

I am indifferent to immigration. I believe in a system similar to Australia where skilled workers and people who can enhance the UK should be given a green light while those wishing to capitalise on the UK’s far too generous benefits system should be turned away. I feel unemployment benefit and the employment system should be overhauled. There is no incentive to find gainful employment when benefits exceed what you would receive in a minimum wage paid job. The benefits system persecutes those who work hard and I feel strongly about it.

I want to be able to buy a house in the next couple of years without being in crippling debt. I want to able to be financially secure to bring children into this world and I want to live in a country that isn’t financially crippled by being in Europe.

The way it stands, I want something from every party and even more from parties who aren’t standing in my region. I will be watching the debates, reading extensively on the matters at hand and talking to those in the know wherever possible and will keep you updated as regularly as possible as my thoughts and feelings towards the parties will no doubt swing left, right and centre in the run up to the election in May.

If you have any questions about the parties involved, the way UK politics works or anything else in between feel free to get involved, form a healthy debate or convey your own personal views feel free to comment or post or email me.

Until next time…

Adam Wrong.

  • Love, love, LOVE this Adam. Such a great topic to write about, and something completely different from the subjects you usually read about. Love the fact we can follow you on this journey and also that you’re stepping into the political world and voting for the first time. I’ve voted in every general election and I’ve been to do so in, and it’s always a really interesting time and a difficult decision. Keep us updated with this, and everything else going on in the world of Mr Wrong! Thanks for contributing to MFX!

  • dq

    To be honest, this is the blog I’m most looking forward to a follow up on. Very interesting topic, and unlike most articles on politics you seem determined to give a very fair view on each party. Ugh, if only we had this approach here in the states!