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Party Down South

Welcome once again to another exciting day here in the Sgt. Stash. Today we’re going to be looking at one of the best shows to ever exist and the show I’m most excited for its return. I’m talking of course about Party Down South.

It’s time for a party down in Biloxi and damn is it good to have the original crew back. We’re of course going to start with the tradition of watching the crew as they get ready for their vacation and arrive at the house.

First an introduction to the cast:

Ryan aka Daddy aka a damn dead ringer for Jeff Jarrett. He’s the one to go to if you want to know you’re going to have a damn good party. He might be a redneck but he knows his way around funnels dammit and has introduced us to the green machine

Mattie aka Hurricane Martha. She’s truly the baddest bitch on the show when she’s sober, but get her drunk enough and Martha comes out and she makes Mattie look like the sweetest person you’ve ever seen. She is the girl your momma warned you about but damn if it ain’t worth it.

Boudreaux aka Baboso. Given the nickname of Baboso last season before a trip to Cancun where the rest of the cast managed to convince him it was Spanish for Boudreaux. He’s the true definition of a redneck and not always the brightest of the bunch, but when he does have a good idea damn is it a good one.

Tiffany. She’s like the groupie of the cast. She knows how to have fun and knows how to work what she’s got, plus she’s blonde and she got the butt.

Murray. The big man of the house and the one who really wants to make sure everyone stays drunk whenever possible. He is the redneck equivalent of myself except he gets more action. Murray’s the one to try to keep the peace when the rest of the cast starts to get a little too pissed off at each other.

Lauren. She’s kind of the mother figure of the group, she’s the nicest of all of them and the one who tries the hardest to keep everything friendly.

Walt. He’s the brains of the group and the usual voice of reason. Don’t get it twisted though he can party with the best of them.

Onward to the Show.

Season 3 Episode 1

Daddy like usual is the first to arrive, followed soon by Murray and the best Man- hug on television shows up. Boudreaux shows up with all the girls, the only time you will see him with that many girls rolling with him. Finally Walt shows up and it’s time to get the party started.

First off like expected the cast goes crazy over the fact they have their own bar by the pool

Now of course we have the usual bed test, girls want a room together and Daddy just wants a bed thats quiet.

The girls as always have more clothes than the guys combined and the gentleman that the guys are attempt to help get the luggage up to their house in their own amazing way by throwing them up to the second floor or at least trying to throw them.

After almost everyone has arrived, they all begin to wonder if the succubus herself Lil bit will actually be making an appearance (for those new to the show Lil Bit was the on again off again GF of Daddy, but was also a complete drama queen who last season couldn’t decide between daddy and the boring sack of life that was Graham who was a musician who said he couldn’t play his guitar while he was on the show because his manager said not to, but to prove he was a musician he made sure to bring his guitar that he couldn’t play. He was like the Iggy Azalea of country when asked to freestyle.)

Walt educates us on all the types of ducks after the duck caller is introduced, see it’s an educational show.

Let the competition begin as Boudreaux shows off his awesome back flipping skills and Daddy well he manages to get into the pool with some awkward body splashes

Daddy tries to pull some bull and act like he never had no feelings for Lil bit, everyone can easily see through that BS.

Daddy and Tiffany attempt to drunk call Lil bit this should be good. Boo its just a voicemail.

Daddy hooking up with Tiffany and it’s only the first night, not something expected. Cancel that no hook up. Tiffany realized it would be a bad idea and managed to somehow make her way to her own bed during the night. Of course that doesn’t stop the rumors from flying the next morning

After another attempt to contact Lil Bit falls flat, Mattie decides to place a call to her friend to join the cast.

Now for the introduction of the newest cast member.

Hot Damn I mean Hannah aka Hott Dogg. She got every guy in the house drooling in an instant and Lauren and Tiffany aren’t happy about it. Also for some reason Lauren has an obsession with the fact that she showed up in heels. Boudreaux with the most awkward laugh of the series over Hott Dogg, It has become a decided fact that every guy in the house wants her and we get the wonderful gem from Murray about “everyone wanting a hot dog eating contest.”

We get a good back and forth to set up a rivalry between Daddy and Walt over who’s gonna hook up with Hott Dogg, Boudreaux is off somewhere else thinking he has a chance, but he’s a baboso so yeah not happening.

This season promises to be full of plenty of fights, drunken partying, and plenty of wonderful insight in to modern society.

  • Hott Dogg does kind of rule.

  • I’ve never see this show, but it sounds like something Sir Ian would watch for the podcast! Also, rednecks are always good TV. Ok, maybe good is too strong a word, they’re always entertaining…in a crazy redneck way! Love the variety to these reviews Sgt. Thanks for contributing to MFX!

  • peteaholic #ItsBlade

    This is a show that I heard of, probably from yourself mentioning it. I have 2 seasons to catch up on, so I think i need to get watching. Definitely programme that peaks my interest, i think!

  • dq

    Haha, good call duckman, get sir Ian to watch this now that the Beale murder is solved. Another entertaining review josh. I’ll be honest, I’m happy enough to read about it rather than watch it (kind of like wwe in that aspect!)