MFX Show 51

MFX51 – Send In The Clowns

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our MFX day! You see what we did there? We so clever.

It’s MFX51 time folks. Which means it’s time for more exciting adventures with Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse life, pop culture and of course the week in WWE and TNA.

Join our heroes as they kick the show off with the MFX Galaxy’s feedback on the epic and historic MFX50 from last week. There’s rumours of possible MFX merchandise coming soon. They talk all the big news in wrestling, including Brick Hogan getting engaged, TNA cutting jobbers and they discuss the death of Matt Bourne, formerly Doink The Clown. We also learn all about Sir Ian’s phobia of clowns and his wife’s AWESOME plan to mess with his mind. It’s one of the funniest things Duckman has ever heard in his life.

Then it’s IMPACT review time. The show was a bit boring but somehow our intrepid smarks are able to mine some serious comedy gold. They have far too much fun with Gut Check this week. Plus there’s a great story about Sir Ian’s terrible Halloween costume his Mum made him, TJ Hooker memories and of course, lots of jokes about Hogan, Suicide and The Main Event Memes.

We wrap up this week with a review of one of the most boring episodes of RAW of the year. Sir Ian gets so depressed talking about how boring the show was, he actually has to apologise to the MFX Galaxy for failing to bring the goods this week. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. There are a few chuckles to be had. Don’t be confused though – RAW was boring.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.


Send In The Clowns – Krusty The Clown.
Bang Bang You’re Dead – Dirty Pretty Things.


MFX Show 37

MFX 37 – Horse Meat, Meteors, Racism, Wrestling!

That’s right folks, MFX is back for another week.  We might not have a brilliant guest like Nigel McGuinness on the show this week, but we do have another bumper edition of wrestling news, views, reviews and all the usual MFX hilarity you’ve come to know and love.

We kick the show off this week with your feedback on the Nigel McGuinness interview from last week.  Looks like you guys liked it!  We also talk Oscar Pistorious, meteor strikes, horse meat, the Olympics cancelling wrestling, John Cena and the porn star rumours and the cost of meeting Hulk Hogan.  Yep, when MFX do the news, we do it right!

Then it’s time for our review of the Elimination Chamber PPV.  We give the speed bump on the road to Wrestlemania the usual MFX treatment.

Raw is up next and there’s something in the air in the MFX studio.  We just can’t stop talking about racism and Jack Swagger.  Note – the show was recorded before his DUI and drugs bust.  We’ll have more on that next week!

We finish the show with our review of IMPACT from London.  It’s a TNA review on MFX, you know the drill by now:  Hogan jokes aplenty, lots of hatred for Aces and Eights and Brick really does know how to make us laugh.

So what are you waiting for?  Put the horse burger down, pour yourself a drink, sit back and relax as Duckman and Sir Ian bring you the most entertaining version of the week in wrestling you’ll hear this week.

As always, we’d love to hear from you guys so make sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.  Thanks and enjoy the show!


Wiley – Money in Pocket

Kings of Leon – Molly’s Chamber

Public Enemy – Fight The Power


MFX Show 32

MFX 32 – Honestly, it’s worth the wait.

Sorry for the late show this week folks.  It’s been a busy time with work schedules, snow storms and Duckman’s antique Scottish broadband breaking down for a day.  Fear not though MFX Galaxy, we won’t use all that as an excuse not to bring you another hilarious and occasionally insightful wrestling podcast.  Also, the show this week is REALLLLY long.  Like the Xmas Special long.  So that should make up for the lateness.

We kick the show off this week talking poker, for some strange reason.  But we kick things into a wrestling gear with a bit of news chat.  Not the boring news about wars and the NHS though, we’re talking wrestling news.  Duckman and Sir Ian discuss Mick Foley’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Sir Ian explains why he thinks the WWE Hall of Fame is pointless and a bit of a waste of time.  We then talk recent WWE talent cuts…well one…and it’s a dude we’ve never heard of.  We then talk El Generico’s signing with WWE and TNA’s recent decision to cut back on their PPV schedule.  Lots of wrestling news topics discussed in a semi serious fashion.

Then it’s onto our review of Impact.  This is the go-home show for the Genesis PPV.  This isn’t nearly as serious as the first part of the show.  It’s full of the usual MFX goodness you’ve come to know and love when we review TNA.

A quick review of TNA’s Genesis PPV is up next.  Not a lot to the show but our review is damn entertaining.

Then we wrap things up with a review of Monday Night Raw’s 20th Anniversary show.  Sir Ian is convinced Josh Matthews is a hard hitting reporter, Duckman completely forgets this was a special anniversary show while watching it and for some reason we get into quite an in depth discussion about the WWE’s divas division.  Plus all the usual MFX style fun and frolics you’ve come to know and love.

Hopefully the show was worth the wait this week folks!  We should be back to our regular schedule next week.  As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


The Bouncing Souls – Ole

Bowing for Soup – The Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

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MFX Show 31

MFX31 – The Stars are shining bright!

Happy New Year MFX Galaxy!  That’s right, it’s our first show of 2013 and MFX is back to rock your world with the best alternative, NSFW, left field and downright insane reviews of TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and WWE Monday Night Raw!

Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps have enjoyed their Christmas and New Year break and we’re back, refreshed and ready to rock your world with our own unique blend of light hearted snark and tiny nuggets of wrestling insight.

We kick the show off this week with some tales of Christmas fun and your New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  As always things rapidly descend into chaos but you wouldn’t expect anything less from MFX, right?

We take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling from the 3rd of January.  We question if Mr Anderson really exists, we marvel at the fact Hulk Hogan is now involved in about five different feuds.  Plus we give the show the usual MFX treatment.

Then it’s onto Monday Night Raw from the 7th of January.  CM Punk vs  Ryback – TLC match PLUS the return of THE ROCK!  A newsworthy show and another cracking MFX review!  Although to be fair, thanks to Duckman being on pain killers and Sir Ian having had about an hour’s sleep in the last two days, the energy levels in the MFX studio aren’t what they normally are.  Plus Skype was being a whore and cutting off all the time.  But you know us MFX Galaxy, we’re just like John Cena, we never give up and we rise above…technology?  Maybe.

Anyway, we hope you guys enjoy the first show of the year.  It’s great to be back!  Be sure to get involved in next week’s show through all the usual channels.  If you’ve got feedback on this show or anything else you want to share with MFX, be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.


Starman – David Bowie

Where Did It All Go Wrong? – Noel Gallagher


MFX Show 28

Time to get your panties wet – MFX is back for another week! Yes it’s another hilarious show, yes we make your life just a little bit brighter and yes, once again we bring you the most random and occasionally insightful reviews of Raw and Impact anywhere on these here interwebs.

We kick off the show with our usual chat about what we’ve been up to this week. Nothing is ever simple in the worlds of Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps. We share some stories about random dreams and insane kids, we hear about Sir Ian’s stag night preparations and we pimp our end of year awards and get on an onsite report from PWG by our roving reporter Alex K.

Then it’s time to talk about Monday Night Raw. Did you know AJ used to live in a car? Well she did and it makes us laugh, a lot. Plus we talk The Shield, CM Punk hates The Miz, The Miz hates CM Punk, Vince McMahon hates black people and Duckman just doesn’t get Brad Maddox.

The highlight of MFX28? Impact – The Looper edition. Hulk wants Brick, Austin Aries is hilarious, Aces and Eights suck (again), James Storm is easily duped, Taz hazes Milf Hunter and that’s just the tip of this comedy iceberg. You think you’ve heard a good review of Impact before? Wait till you hear this insane time travelling edition of the show! No one makes Impact as entertaining as this, not even TNA.

Look kids, just sit back, get your laughing gear ready and join us for the most entertaining, off the wall and surreal reviews of the week in wrestling you will ever hear. It’s MFX28 and it’s going to blow your tiny little minds!

We’re always keen to hear from you guys, so be sure to get in touch with some feedback on the show, please do get on the Facebook page to cast your votes for the end of year awards show and all the other MFX shenanigans! Thanks and enjoy the show!

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Spiral Staircase – Kings of Leon
Drive My Car – The Beatles


MFX Show 27

And the hits just keep on coming! It’s that time of the week once again – MFX is BACK!! MFX27 is here and we’re bringing you the kind of banter filled, NSFW, ridiculously entertaining wrestling podcast that you can be proud to tell your friends about – even if they think wrestling sucks!

We kick things off this week with an update on Sir Ian’s attempts to give up smoking. He’s even more grumpy than usual and that makes for another great show! Plus we give birthday shout outs, get well soon messages and other shout outs to our MFX Galaxy buddies.

We review Raw and once again are freaked the hell out by how badly John Cena kisses. And we can’t help but notice it’s incredible how much better Raw is when Vince McMahon is on the other side of the planet. Plus we cover debut promo of The Shield and decide on a much better name for the group. This review of Raw is so stacked full of jokes, insults and insight that you have to hear it to believe it.

Then it’s time for Impact. TNA sucks. It really, really sucks. This Thanksgiving episode of Impact was horrible. Terrible Gut Check matches. Aces and Eights continue be the lamest biker gang in history. And we worry that the Brick Hogan/Bully Ray/Hulk Hogan love triangle could be the end of the world as we know it. We get a bit deep and meaningful towards the end but there’s plenty of Garrett Bischoff jokes to keep us going.

We say it every week, but this week really mean it – this was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever recorded. Stop reading this and go listen for yourself! Remember to get involved in future shows and thanks for continuing to support MFX!

Enjoy the show!

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MFX Show 25

The following NSFW wrestling discussion podcast is so darn entertaining and funny that if the government taxed wrestling related comedy, we’d be completely bankrupt.

We’ve hit the quarter of a century mark – MFX25 is here and we’ve got another bumper show for you! We kick things off with a chat about Duckman never getting a tax rebate, unlike everyone else he knows. We lay out a challenge to friend of the show Pip Kick. Plus we talk the rumours of WWE bringing Summerslam to the UK and the start date for TNA’s British Boot camp show. MFX fully supports Rockstar Spud. It’s official.

Then it’s straight into a review of Impact, the go home show for Turning Point. The show is given the usual MFX treatment, which as you know by now means lots of jokes about Hulk Hogan being a selfish moron and Aces and Eights being a bit lame. We always have fun reviewing Impact and this week is no exception.

TNA’s Turning Point PPV is next. Holy crap – the Aries vs. Hardy ladder match was incredible! We also cover all the other matches in detail. We love Taz hazing the new commentator, plus we discuss the future of TNA’s PPV business. What is the point on putting on good shows with great matches if no one is watching?

Then it’s time for Monday Night Raw review – a headline grabbing episode to say the least. We give our thoughts on the controversial Jerry Lawler/CM Punk angle. Plus we talk the terrible build to Survivor Series and how WWE almost seem to be trying out do themselves with bad storytelling from one week to the next. Don’t worry though, the MFX Podcast is here for you guys. We’ll get you through the dark days until we get to Wrestlemania season and Vince starts getting his shit together.

As always, thanks for listening, remember to get involved in future shows through all the various channels. We’d love to hear your feedback on the show this week so drop us a line if you’re so inclined.

Enjoy the show!

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MFX Show 24

NOTE: A few mic issues this week so the quality isn’t as good as normal. You might need to turn us down a little bit. We’ll be better next week, promise.

When they open the record books 100 years from now and look back at the wrestling podcasts of the day, they will know that MFX24 was the high water mark for comedy, insight and inner monologues. Oh and Hogan jokes. Millions of them. Seriously.

Duckman has been ill. So he’s more wheezy and coughy than usual. Sir Ian Trumps has a new lazy boy chair and he’s more chilled out than a hippy on the third day of Woodstock. But that doesn’t last long. We learn all about Sir Ian’s weird day at work, how Duckman sucks at WWE13 and our special guest Jeff Hardy reads out your inner monologues.

Then it’s time for Monday Night Raw from Birmingham, England. The show forever known as ‘holy Jesus we need to change EVERYTHING we did last week.’ Duckman shares his memories of the one time he went to Birmingham. Insane. We kind of hate Brad Maddox – Rouge Official. Plus Game of Thrones chef Ryback returns. Ian and Duckman wonder if they’re just too cynical and perhaps The Positive Podcast is the future for MFX. Not bloody likely.

Our Impact review this week only needs four words – Hulk Hogan’s Perv Curtain. Honestly, we’ve never had so much fun reviewing Impact. Listen to this NOW!

Thanks for listening as always folks. Remember MFX is now on Stitcher and if you do listen to the show via the app please do rate and comment on the show. The same goes for ITunes.

Be sure to get involved in next week’s show with your Jeff Hardy inner monologues and all your usual comments on the show, on Raw, Impact and anything else you’d like to hear us MFX the holy hell out of.

Check out the Facebook page, send us an email, give us money, we want it all and we want it now.

Enjoy the show!

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MFX Show 23

The following giggling, banter filled, slightly bizarre and downright hilariously awesome wrestling podcast is dedicated to Duckman’s sadly departed dog Wallace. He was 15 years old, a Jack Russell and the best damn dog a family could wish for. He will be sorely missed.

MFX23 has landed!! You know how usually we fill this post with hype and nonsense about what’s on the show? Well this week we’re changing it up. We’re so confident you will laugh yourself silly while listening to the show, that we are only going to say a few words:

Hell in the Cell, Raw, Impact reviewed.

Ryback Presents: The Lord of the Rings – Iron Chef of Middle Earth.

Sir Ian hates Mick Foley.

Duckman giggles.

Jeff Hardy’s got a lot on his mind.

Duckman giggles.

Hulk Cowell: The Confused Interviewer.

Duckman giggles.

Brick Hogan.

It will all make sense when you listen to what is probably the most fun we’ve had in a long time while talking about WWE, TNA and so much more in between.

Take a walk on the wild side. MFX23 is the balls!

Thanks and enjoy the show!

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MFX Show 22

You lucky, lucky people! That’s right folks, it’s that time of the week once again – MFX is BACK! Your favourite once in a week time wrestling podcast returns with a show so packed full of hilarity, wrestling discussion, show reviews and all the usual MFX goodness that we can’t be held responsible if the entertainment receptors in your brain explode from over stimulation. In other words – it’s another cracking MFX podcast that will leave you gasping for air and begging for more!

Duckman and Sir Ian kicks things off with a self congratulatory look at all your feedback on last week’s show. Honestly, MFX Galaxy, you’re too kind! Plus Sir Ian is insulted in the feedback which makes Duckman’s day! We then review the fantastic documentary The British Wrestler which stars your soon to be new favourite wrestler Grado on his quest to get a main event match with the renegade Scottish promotion, Insane Championship Wrestling. This is one of the most entertaining and downright hilarious documentaries we’ve ever seen on pro wrestling. Grado is a star and The British Wrestler is rated “see it now” by MFX! So go see it – NOW!

Of course it wouldn’t be MFX without a review of all the happenings in TNA and WWE. First off Impact gets the usual MFX treatment. We look at the first Impact following Bound for Glory. We discuss the show and how nothing much of note really happened. You’ll be pleased to know we make fun of Jeff Hardy’s speech patterns, Hulk Hogan’s sex tape and his lack of memory and so much other fun stuff that this could be one of our favourite TNA segments on MFX this year.

We then get into a long and probably too in-depth discussion on the Aces and Eights angle and TNA in general. We look at TNA’s direction of having much closer ties with the UK and what this could mean for the company. Plus we try to figure out what TNA need to do to take the next step as a company and whether bringing in a huge star would make any long term difference. It’s a detailed and serious discussion on the state of TNA in 2012 – not many rude jokes in this part of the show, which is unusual for us.

We wrap things up with a look at Monday Night Raw which was the go home show for this weekend’s Hell in the Cell PPV. The show was pretty terrible with only Ryback/Punk being entertaining and the entire AJ resigns angle being one of the most pointless, out of the blue, poorly executed and badly plotted angles in WWE this year…and that’s saying something. MFX no like this show, we no like it a lot. Raw might’ve been a bit rubbish but at least our review will keep you entertained!

So what are you waiting for? Be like Grado and grab the opportunity when it comes along. Which means go listen to MFX22 and find out for yourself just why so many Mexican robots love this podcast!

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get in touch with the show through all the usual channels. The more you get involved, the better we get!

Enjoy the show.

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