MFX Show 48

MFX48 – Stop.  Hammer time.

Hold onto your hats people – it’s MFX time!!  That’s right folks, Duckman and Sir Ian are back with the ONLY wrestling podcast that guarantees to bring you laughter, tears and thought provoking discussions on the major social and political issues of the day.  Ok, we know; you’re only here for the jokes.  Lucky for you we’ve got tons of them this week!

We kick the show off with our usual random chat about the week.  Duckman went fishing, Sir Ian got a promotion, Scotty Too Hotty became a fireman.  We also plug a new wrestling related project and Duckman buries more stupid wrestling ‘news’ from stupid wrestling ‘news’ sites .

It’s the IMPACT review next.  Rampage Jackson makes his TNA debut.  Yet TNA seem more focused on hammers and weird love triangles involving Hulk, Brick and Bully.  At least you have Duckman and Sir Ian to talk you through what was, to quote Sir Ian, “apparently a wrestling show.”

We wrap the show up with our RAW review.  We love Daniel Bryan.  You love Daniel Bryan.  Everyone loves Daniel Bryan.  We have far too much fun ripping on the segments on RAW this week.  Plus there’s all the usual MFX tangents and nonsense you’ve come to know and love when we review RAW.

So send the kids to bed, turn the lights down low, relax and let MFX inside you.  Sure, we’re long and packed full of meaty comedy about wrestling but you can handle it.  Trust us.  Just breathe and we’ll do the rest.

As always, be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.


Scroobis Pip – Death of the Journalist

MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This.


MFX Show 47

MFX47 – Tigers, Lions and Chavs – Oh My!

That’s right you lucky people, it’s that time of the week you have all been waiting for – MFX IS BACK!!  The sun is shining, the summer is here and MFX is in the kind of mischievous mood that will tickle your funny bone until you can’t take it anymore.

We kick the show off this week with the results of the challenge – what WWE produced film should Duckman and Sir Ian review.  All we can say is we hate you MFX Galaxy.  You think you’re funny, but you’re not!  After we get over the terrible news of what horrendous movie you voted for us to review we lighten the mood.  It’s your comedy wrestling apps and you guys really bring out the best in MFX with your ideas.  Duckman predicts the future and also shares a funny post by the kind of wrestling fan that makes us all look bad.

Our review of IMPACT is up next.  It’s the go home show for Slammiversary and Sir Ian hated it with a passion.  But he didn’t hate it as much as his trip to Chessington World of Adventure.  This is Sir Ian at his finest!  We discuss IMPACT in depth and also wonder if the format of IMPACT needs to change now that the PPV schedule has been cut back to four in one year.

Once IMPACT has been dealt with it’s time for our review of Slammiversary.  It’s a surprisingly entertaining show, with some great matches but a slightly predictable and over booked main event.  We actually end up talking about Brick Hogan’s peach dress for longer than we should do.   Oh and Duckman finds new respect for a TNA Knockout.

We wrap the show up this week with the usual MFX review of RAW.  We review the show and somehow end up talking about Chyna’s autobiography, Adam Sandler films, what goes on inside WWE booking meetings when they’re working out Ryback’s terrible dialogue and so many random subjects you’ll just have to listen to the show and find out for yourself.

We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more.  It’s MFX47, it’s a beast of show and we promise you will come away from this podcast a better, happier and more awesome human being.

As always get in touch with the show through all the usual channels.  Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Pigeon Detectives – I’m Not Sorry

The Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up to Boston

Presidents of the United States – Peaches


MFX Show 45

MFX45 – The comeback…again

Has it really only been five weeks since the last MFX podcast?  We don’t know about you guys, but it’s felt like five months to us.  But fear not true believers, Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are back and we’re bringing you a bumper show as a special thank you for waiting so patiently for our return.

So what’s on the show this week?  Well, we’ve got all the news from Sir Ian’s stag week in Bulgaria, as well as his wedding.  We hear all about Sir Ian’s big day and it truly brings a tear to the eye.  Then Duckman tells his story about meeting Mick Foley, which isn’t as romantic.  We finish off the opening part of the show with the big reveal about what happened with the so called ‘network’ The Universal Takeover Sports Network and their CEO and President Bobby Johnson.  That’s right folks, we’re off the network after only one month and we both bring shovels to bury everyone involved.

Then it’s on to some wrestling chat.  We review TNA Impact from the 16th May but of course it’s MFX and we’ve been away for over a month, so everything breaks down quite quickly into chaos and mayhem.

WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV is also given the full MFX treatment.  It was a fun show with some good matches that was spoiled by one terrible finish.  We also talk in depth about Brock Lesnar and WWE’s booking of him since his return.  Plus it’s a real Shield love in as we continue to be amazed WWE haven’t ruined this great stable and angle yet!

We finish off the show this week with a review of Monday Night Raw.  We talk Ryback’s cool mobile, crappy WWE films, Danny Glover, the new Paul Heyman guy and Duckman marks out like crazy to the six man tag match.  Plus we talk in detail about WWE’s need to build new stars and how this transitional period might not be a lot of fun now, but should be worth it in the long run…we hope.

So what are you all waiting for?  It’s MFX45 and we’re back!!!  Get listening, get laughing and join us as we MFX the week in wrestling as only we can.  It’s good to be back!

Thanks for listening and be sure to interact with future shows by all the usual means.


LL Cool J – Mamma Said Knock You Out

Bahamen – Who Let The Dogs Out?

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing


MFX Show 43

MFX43 – “In The Club We Call Him Bitch” plus Wrestlemania n’ stuff.

Well MFX Galaxy it’s that time of the week once again.  Time to stop watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  Put down that Xbox controller and stop listening to whatever music you’re listening to.  There’s a wrestling podcast here that requires your full attention.  It’s MFX43, the final MFX before Wrestlemania and we’ve got the grand daddy of them all right here!

We kick the show off with some discussion on the sad news about Reid Flair’s passing.  One listener to the show emailed us with a controversial opinion on the tragedy which we discuss.  We lighten the mood by making fun of Shane Douglas and Extreme Rising for a while.  If it’s good enough for Stevie Richards and Danny Doring, it’s good enough for MFX.  Plus we discuss a few other random topics of wrestling news that I’m sure will keep you all thoroughly entertained.

Then it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  Another decent show from TNA, in front of a hot crowd and Taryn Terrell is in the hottest wrestling gear we’ve ever seen.   We probably spend too long talking about that.  There’s all the usual Hulk Hogan jokes and Chavo hate that you’ve come to know and love from MFX.  Another fun review of a fun wrestling show.

We then turn our attention to WWE and the final RAW before Wrestlemania.  It wasn’t a great show, it wasn’t a terrible show.  It was just a bit of a nothing show, with a horrible final angle which left Sir Ian foaming at the mouth with fury!  Once RAW is dealt with we give a full preview and predictions for Wrestlemania 29.

It’s a bumper show this week folks, packed full of wrestling discussion, crude and childish humour, plus a few nuggets of insight that you will probably ignore.

Next week it’s Wrestlemania 29 so why not get ready for the biggest show of the year with the most entertaining and downright hilarious wrestling podcast around?  The week in WWE and TNA gets the full MFX treatment.  You’re welcome!

As always, thanks for listening, be sure to get in touch with the show through all the usual channels and enjoy Wrestlemania!


MFX Show 41

MFX41 – Raw is Snore.

The show was a day late last week so this week we thought – let’s get the show up a few hours early for those wonderful people in the MFX Galaxy!  So that’s just what we’ve done.  We know, we’re too good to you people.

We kick the show off this week with some discussion on Scott Hall and wrestling fans donating $80,000 to him.  Is it the right thing to do?  MFX aren’t totally convinced it is.  We lighten the mood with a chat about Vince McMahon challenging Dana White to a fight a few years ago.  Plus Duckman and Sir Ian lament how old they are getting and awesome 80s movies.

Then it’s time for our usual review of IMPACT.  We talk Brick Hogan’s breakdown, AJ Styles makes his hobo looking return to IMPACT.  We can’t get enough of Todd (Milf Hunter) Keneley’s history as a bouncer and of course, Hogan rips Sting a new one and MFX salute the whole thing.  Duckman laughs so much during this review he nearly has to leave the room.  So much fun and laughter to be had.  Oh and IMPACT was  a great show too!

Unfortunately the show falls of a cliff with our review of RAW from this week.  It was one of the most boring shows we’ve seen in some time.  The road to Wrestlemania is crumbling people and even MFX can’t find much funny from the show this week.  Well, we do talk about Brad Maddox milking HHH but that’s a whole other story!

As always, we bring you tons of laughter, a little bit of insight and the most entertaining wrestling podcast on these here interwebs.

Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with future shows through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.


MFX Show 40


MFX40 – Duckman’s Birthday Extravaganza.

Well, not really.  It is Duckman’s birthday this week but we haven’t got time to be going on about that.  It’s MFX40 on UTNSN and we’re back to rock your week in wrestling like no one else can.

We kick off the show this week with so much news, feedback, comment and opinion that it could be a podcast all of its own.  Oh and we learn that Sir Ian isn’t a fan of Wrestle Talk TV!

IMPACT is given the usual MFX treatment.  It’s the go-home show for Lockdown and TNA really staggered over the line to the PPV this week.  The show was kinda weak.  Our review is STRONG!  Like Rob Terry strong.  And funny.  Like Hulk Hogan funny.

We take a look at TNA’s Lockdown PPV.  A bit of a mixed bag of a show but we do enjoy our Brick Hogan is Rain Man booker idea.  Plus Sir Ian worships at the altar of Bully Ray – the MFX Podcast’s new favourite babyface.

We wrap the show up this week with our review of RAW.  MFX Galaxy, we thought this show sucked.  But once again when wrestling goes boring, MFX goes funny.  So much gold here, you’ll all finish one hundred dollars richer after listening to the show!

Oh and Duckman drank a bottle of red wine during the last two parts of the show.  What?  It’s his birthday, give him a break!

This is one funny show, even if we do say so ourselves.  You like your wrestling podcasts to make you laugh, think and cry?  Well, two out of three isn’t bad, so you better get listening.

Thanks as always for listening to the show and be sure to get in touch with us through all the usual channels.


Bret Hart Theme

The Way We Were

Bully Ray Theme


MFX Show 38

MFX 38 – The Re-run.

It’s that time of week once again, time to set phases to snark, sit back and enjoy another few hours in the company of two sarcastic wrestling fans and a cast of random characters.  Oh yeah baby, it’s MFX38!

We should point out that thanks to some weird fault on the recording, we had to redo the first part of the show this week.  Which was annoying for a number of reasons but mainly because we have a HUGE announcement regarding the future of MFX.  Exciting times folks!  Plus we talk Jack Swagger’s arrest and The Undertaker’s house show return.

Then it’s on to the usual MFX review of TNA IMPACT.  IMPACT is Hogan this week.  Which means we go into over drive.  So many jokes, so much Hogan chat and tons more.

We wrap the show up this week with an in-depth review of RAW.  The opening was great.  The ending was amazing.  The middle kind of sucked.  Oh but there’s so much more to our review of RAW than that.

As always thanks for listening and we hope you guys enjoy the show.  Be sure to check our Facebook page and Twitter for more on the HUGE announcement on the future of MFX.


Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby


MFX Show 34


MFX 34 – An Englishman, A Scotsman and a Pilipino walk into a bar…

What…have…we…done?  FIVE HOURS!!  A FIVE HOUR LONG SHOW!!  All I can say is you guys better pack a lunch or something, cause this is MFX34 and this show is so long it makes Dirk Diggler feel inadequate.

This week MFX34 has a truly Asian flavour as we are joined by long time friend of the show, the sharpest dressed wrestling fan in the world and one damn funny dude, Mr Marc Abrigo!!  Marc was our man in Amsterdam (well, Raw in San Jose last week) and he brings us the full low down of just what happened live at Raw.  Ah such fun times!  Plus we give our predictions for the Royal Rumble.

After sharing his experience at Raw Marc sticks around to help us review IMPACT this week.  As usual Sir Ian is on manic form, Duckman struggles to hold things together and Abrigo wonders just how much Hulk Hogan would have no sold the crucifixion.  Yep, it’s one of THOSE TNA reviews and it’s frigging awesome.

With the first half of the show recorded before the Rumble, the second half is all about THE WORST ROYAL RUMBLE EVER (copyright – all IWC members).  Duckman and Sir Ian review the show and discuss all the potential fallout for Wrestlemania.

Duckman and Sir Ian wrap the show up with a review of RAW from this week.  No Abrigo at the show this week, so we are actually able to concentrate on what’s happen.  And Tensai is dancing.  Where’s Abrigo when you need him?

This is a monster of a show, you might not be able to consume it all in one sitting, but you can be damn sure when you do finally get to the end, you’ll be more satisfied than Marc Abrigo getting within touching distance of The Rock.

As always, thanks for listening folks and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.



ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

Bush – Superman

PJ and Duncan – Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.

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MFX Show 33


MFX 33 – Is Taz black?

This week MFX is all about questions.  Questions like, is Taz black?  Why didn’t Nick and Linda show up at Brick’s wedding?  What would happen if they did?  Does everyone in the world want to touch Sir Ian Trumps?  Was that the worst John Cena promo of all time?  And just how often can we mention friend of the show Marc Abrigo during the review of RAW?  Considering he was front and centre at ringside and on TV more than Paul Heyman – a lot!  It’s a fun show this week folks, really fun.

Although we do kick off on a serious note as Duckman reviews the excellent documentary, ‘Last of McGuinness,’ by Nigel McGuinness.  It is a fantastic piece of film making and a must see for any wrestling fan.  It’s a look at what happened to Nigel when he was signed by WWE but then turned up weeks later in TNA, before disappearing from wrestling completely.

The documentary follows Nigel on his farewell tour but it is about so much more than just wrestling.  We all have a dream but what happens when we fail to achieve that dream?  Where do our lives go after that?  This documentary looks at that in detail and so many other issues surrounding wrestling including the serious health implications of blading, unprotected chair shots and is a look at the life of independent wrestlers.  It’s brilliant.  Go order it NOW!

Once we’ve got the heartfelt and serious stuff out the way it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  It’s the Brick Hogan and Bully Ray wedding show.  We give this the usual MFX treatment and turn car crash TV into comedy gold.  Plus Sir Ian details what Hulk Hogan’s first day at Impact might have been like.  As usual we wander off down random tangents with the usual hilarious consequences.

We wrap the show up this week with a review of WWE RAW.  This is the ‘go-home’ show for the Royal Rumble.  There’s beat the clock challenges, awesome CM Punk and Rock promos and more Marc Abrigo than it’s legal to consume in one sitting.  Oh and a promo from John Cena that a member of the MFX Galaxy called, “the worst promo I have heard in my entire life.”  This Raw review is so entertaining it should come with a government health warning to protect your funny bone.

As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


Oasis – Fucking in the Bushes (Nigel McGuinness theme)

Billy Idol – White Wedding.

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MFX Show 32

MFX 32 – Honestly, it’s worth the wait.

Sorry for the late show this week folks.  It’s been a busy time with work schedules, snow storms and Duckman’s antique Scottish broadband breaking down for a day.  Fear not though MFX Galaxy, we won’t use all that as an excuse not to bring you another hilarious and occasionally insightful wrestling podcast.  Also, the show this week is REALLLLY long.  Like the Xmas Special long.  So that should make up for the lateness.

We kick the show off this week talking poker, for some strange reason.  But we kick things into a wrestling gear with a bit of news chat.  Not the boring news about wars and the NHS though, we’re talking wrestling news.  Duckman and Sir Ian discuss Mick Foley’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Sir Ian explains why he thinks the WWE Hall of Fame is pointless and a bit of a waste of time.  We then talk recent WWE talent cuts…well one…and it’s a dude we’ve never heard of.  We then talk El Generico’s signing with WWE and TNA’s recent decision to cut back on their PPV schedule.  Lots of wrestling news topics discussed in a semi serious fashion.

Then it’s onto our review of Impact.  This is the go-home show for the Genesis PPV.  This isn’t nearly as serious as the first part of the show.  It’s full of the usual MFX goodness you’ve come to know and love when we review TNA.

A quick review of TNA’s Genesis PPV is up next.  Not a lot to the show but our review is damn entertaining.

Then we wrap things up with a review of Monday Night Raw’s 20th Anniversary show.  Sir Ian is convinced Josh Matthews is a hard hitting reporter, Duckman completely forgets this was a special anniversary show while watching it and for some reason we get into quite an in depth discussion about the WWE’s divas division.  Plus all the usual MFX style fun and frolics you’ve come to know and love.

Hopefully the show was worth the wait this week folks!  We should be back to our regular schedule next week.  As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


The Bouncing Souls – Ole

Bowing for Soup – The Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

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