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You Saw The Whole of The Moon

Having spent a fair bit of time writing wrestling blogs,writing now exclusively for MFX gives me some freedom. Freedom to choose any subject in the world and share my considerable knowledge on any topic with the world. With this new found freedom, I have decided to write my first blog on… wrestling.

Particularly, ICW, or Insane Championship Wrestling.

ICW have grown fairly rapidly in popularity especially in the UK, and have brought the world a new darling for internet wrestling fans to get behind in the shape of Grado. They have also come to the attention of the rest of the world through two BBC documentaries, and the tweets of Mick Foley.

So here is the thing. Have they gone as far as they can go? Have they already gone too far, too soon?

Last year, I went to a live ICW event in Dundee, and it was awesome. Galloway had not long returned, and ICW was embarking on its first UK tour. The build was on for Drew Galloway v Jack Jester for the title, and ICW were on top of their game.

They produced a show in Dundee that was breathtaking, with a real build to a main event, lots of highs and lows, and more than a smattering of ICW’s trademark, violence.

Two weeks ago, for their second ever show in Dundee, ICW showed up, and that’s about it.

With Champion Galloway gone to Impact, Jester probably with him, ICW only really had one man left to see, and I am not sure Grado is enough to carry a main event, let alone the whole show. God knows how they sold the rest of the tour, Grado left Dundee with an ‘injury’,courtesy of a lead pipe to the knee, or to go to America.

Now I do not really want to knock the rest of the ICW roster, but it is hard to get excited by much else they have to offer. Noam Dar pulled double duty in Dundee and did what Noam does, he was pretty good. Jackie Polo did what Jackie Polo does, tries to insult the locals with badly thought out promos.

The Bucky Boys again were exactly what you expected, and this is where ICW have real problems.

When your top guys get attention from elsewhere, and leave, you need to have someone to replace them, and I am not sure ICW have that. Some of the matches in Dundee reached the level of OK, some had spots which were so bad you cringed.

When a wrestler has to stop mid charge and wait for his opponent to pull the top rope down for you, when a wrestler has to head butt a ring post because he was not thrown into it, or when someone cant reach to hit you with a lead pipe because you never got close enough to the ropes, it is never gonna leave a great impression.

And all those things actually happened, and I paid money to see it.

Now had that been followed by a great main event, I probably would have left happy, and as the main event was billed as Grado plus two mystery partners, the opportunity was there for the show to be saved. Noam Dar and Wolfgang were not what I had in mind. With all due respect to the two, they were following Grado to the ring, and were never going to raise the roof.

If you want to bring out mystery partners for Grado, and you know he is going to get a big pop, you need to bring out some big guns, or just announce his partners in advance, and let Grado come out last.

The whole card looked like they were just not up for it, with one exception, local girl and NXT champion(?) Sammi Jayne turned up to take on Nikki Storm. Sammi lost, but was the only one who really looked like she wanted to be there, she pulled out some big moves, and while not the finished article as a wrestler, put on a display to be proud of.

So the question is, who do ICW have that can step up if Galloway and Jester do not return? An example would be good here… during the show, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked to get past, he was wearing a mask. He got in the ring and took his mask off and challenged Drew Galloway to a fight. I had to ask who it was…

Grado is fine in the upper tier, but you cannot make a comedy act the top guy, and that is essentially what Grado is. Wolfgang?Damo? Joe Hendry?

Hendry is probably the best equipped to take on the mantle, but there is something about him that I personally do not like. I get that he has his fans, and I can see why he has those fans, but he is just not for me.

Damo has the size, but size is not enough. Wolfgang is good, but can he be the guy?

Now look through the rest of the roster, and what have you got? The Bucky Boys, the 55, Kenny Williams, BTG, all are good at what they do, but what they do is not main event shows. Jackie Polo is the worst heel I have ever seen, trying to get cheap heat in Dundee with the same schtick that never worked when it was relevant last time he was here.

So where do ICW go? I don’t know the deal they have with Galloway and TNA, I don’t know if Jester will return, but if worst comes to worst and neither return ICW have real problems. Even if both return, ICW still have to prepare for the eventuality that both will go.

ICW need to start pushing the midcard, find a few guys who can get to that top level, and have them ready to go if needs be.The company has come a long way in the last few years, the opportunity exists for them to continue on that path, but if the show in Dundee was a taste of things to come, no songs by Yazz spring to mind.

And if Mark Dallas is reading this,I hope the show in Dundee was a one off, and I want my money back.


MFX115 – Fifty Shades of Andy Grey

The number one podcast for inappropriate dolphin lovers everywhere is back for another week!  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The lads discuss all the fall-out from the epic, “who killed Lucy Beale?” storyline in Eastenders.  They talk Oscar nominations and make a few predictions on who might win.  Plus they lament Madonna’s decision not to allow Grado to use her song for his entrance on TNA TV this week, and write a few new songs for her.

All your emails are answered and once again the lads are lead down a philosophical path about changing your letter for the better and the importance of self-motivation.  Plus a long lost member of the show makes a return to rule on the major controversy than ended last week’s show.

There’s wrestling chat as CM Punk vs. WWE Doctor is covered, plus Samoa Joe leaves TNA and the lads preview Fast Lane…well, they actually just make fun of it.

This week’s weird news stories involve Fifty Shades of Grey and the show is wrapped up with a classic Try Hard Ruler of the Week award!

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MFX112 – Sign-gate: The Wrestling Show.

The podcast that doesn’t need The Rock to get it over is back for another week of chaos, confusion and cock jokes.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week on this weird planet we live on.  On the show this week…

Sir Ian has an update on Celebrity Big Brother and gives his pick for the Superbowl – which was wrong!

Duckman and his buddy Steveo go to the IMPACT Wrestling TV taping in Glasgow, have a riot of a good time, meet some wrestlers and get stupidly drunk!

There’s loads of wrestling chat this week.  There’s the Royal Rumble, there’s chat about Roman Reigns and WWE in general.  Plus a great discussion about the UK wrestling scene and whether or not ICW or another UK promotion could get on TV on a regular basis.

Plus there’s talk about movies, sports, crazy news stories of the week and of course the lads award another Try Hard Ruler of the Week, as nominated by you guys!

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MFX Show 22

You lucky, lucky people! That’s right folks, it’s that time of the week once again – MFX is BACK! Your favourite once in a week time wrestling podcast returns with a show so packed full of hilarity, wrestling discussion, show reviews and all the usual MFX goodness that we can’t be held responsible if the entertainment receptors in your brain explode from over stimulation. In other words – it’s another cracking MFX podcast that will leave you gasping for air and begging for more!

Duckman and Sir Ian kicks things off with a self congratulatory look at all your feedback on last week’s show. Honestly, MFX Galaxy, you’re too kind! Plus Sir Ian is insulted in the feedback which makes Duckman’s day! We then review the fantastic documentary The British Wrestler which stars your soon to be new favourite wrestler Grado on his quest to get a main event match with the renegade Scottish promotion, Insane Championship Wrestling. This is one of the most entertaining and downright hilarious documentaries we’ve ever seen on pro wrestling. Grado is a star and The British Wrestler is rated “see it now” by MFX! So go see it – NOW!

Of course it wouldn’t be MFX without a review of all the happenings in TNA and WWE. First off Impact gets the usual MFX treatment. We look at the first Impact following Bound for Glory. We discuss the show and how nothing much of note really happened. You’ll be pleased to know we make fun of Jeff Hardy’s speech patterns, Hulk Hogan’s sex tape and his lack of memory and so much other fun stuff that this could be one of our favourite TNA segments on MFX this year.

We then get into a long and probably too in-depth discussion on the Aces and Eights angle and TNA in general. We look at TNA’s direction of having much closer ties with the UK and what this could mean for the company. Plus we try to figure out what TNA need to do to take the next step as a company and whether bringing in a huge star would make any long term difference. It’s a detailed and serious discussion on the state of TNA in 2012 – not many rude jokes in this part of the show, which is unusual for us.

We wrap things up with a look at Monday Night Raw which was the go home show for this weekend’s Hell in the Cell PPV. The show was pretty terrible with only Ryback/Punk being entertaining and the entire AJ resigns angle being one of the most pointless, out of the blue, poorly executed and badly plotted angles in WWE this year…and that’s saying something. MFX no like this show, we no like it a lot. Raw might’ve been a bit rubbish but at least our review will keep you entertained!

So what are you waiting for? Be like Grado and grab the opportunity when it comes along. Which means go listen to MFX22 and find out for yourself just why so many Mexican robots love this podcast!

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Enjoy the show.

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