MFX144 – Royal Rumble Alternative Audio

It’s that time once again – MFX is back to bring you the kind of loosely based around pro wrestling podcast that will tickle your funny bone until you squirt.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in pro wrestling, pop culture and everything in between.  On the show this week…

After five long months off air, the lads are back and they’re better than ever…well no worse than they were on the last show.  With Sir Ian being a new father and Duckman spending Christmas with an ill family, there’s plenty of catching up to do.  The lads talk Sir Ian’s son, the election of Donald Trump and so much more.

Then they move onto their live commentary of the WWE Royal Rumble 2017.  The lads have been looking forward to making their triumphant return, but will the WWE’s first big show of the year live up to the hype?  You’ll have to listen to find out!  As always, there’s plenty of tangents wandered down, jokes make at the expense of others and plenty of laughs had.  That’s right baby, we’re back!!

You’ve never experienced a WWE show until you’ve listened along to MFX.  So sit back, sync up the show with our commentary and find out how good a WWE PPV can be when it’s sound tracked by MFX.  We bring the funny, you bring the ears.

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.

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MFX132 – A Right Royal Rumble

Surprise!  MFX is back with the first show of 2016 and we’re doing something different to kick off our new year.  It’s time for Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps to guide you through the wonder that is WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV event!  The road to WrestleMania starts here and Duckman and Sir Ian are driving the fun bus all the way to Dallas.

We’re breaking ground (yep, another WWE pun) here as Duckman and Sir Ian watch the Royal Rumble and record their thoughts as the show goes on.  It’s fun, it’s insightful, it’s silly and it’s MFX talking wrestling as only we can.

So sit back, fire up the Royal Rumble, sync it up with our commentary and get ready to experience the Royal Rumble in a whole new way!

We’re looking for your feedback on this show, cause if you like it, it’s something we’ll do again in the future.

As always, thanks for listening and let’s get our Royal Rumble on!


MFX112 – Sign-gate: The Wrestling Show.

The podcast that doesn’t need The Rock to get it over is back for another week of chaos, confusion and cock jokes.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week on this weird planet we live on.  On the show this week…

Sir Ian has an update on Celebrity Big Brother and gives his pick for the Superbowl – which was wrong!

Duckman and his buddy Steveo go to the IMPACT Wrestling TV taping in Glasgow, have a riot of a good time, meet some wrestlers and get stupidly drunk!

There’s loads of wrestling chat this week.  There’s the Royal Rumble, there’s chat about Roman Reigns and WWE in general.  Plus a great discussion about the UK wrestling scene and whether or not ICW or another UK promotion could get on TV on a regular basis.

Plus there’s talk about movies, sports, crazy news stories of the week and of course the lads award another Try Hard Ruler of the Week, as nominated by you guys!

As always, thanks for listening.  Join the forums, buy some merch and shill this show like you’ve never shilled before!


MFX111 – Respect The Chegg

Sir Ian survives a near death experience and the first thing he does is hit the MFX studio – that’s devotion for you!  On the show this week…

With Sir Ian alive and kicking, he fills Duckman in on all the latest news from Celebrity Big Brother (as Duckman has never watched it).  This leads the lads to agree they hate Kavana and love Keith Chegwin.

They answer all your emails, which takes them down tons of fun tangents.  There’s Royal Rumble predictions and WWE chat.  Duckman updates Sir Ian on former WWE diva Sunny’s new career as a fat, nude, Skype horror show.  Plus the lads talk the latest ICW documentary, Insane Fight Club 2.

They discuss some weird news stories of the week, including a woman who invoiced a kid for missing her son’s birthday party and The Sun trolling the world over Page 3.  And of course, the show is wrapped up with another Try Hard Ruler of the Week Award, as nominated by you – the MFX Galaxy!

It’s a cracking show and thankfully Sir Ian is still alive to take part in it!  As always, thanks for listening.  Go join the forums, buy some merch and get in touch with the show through all the usual channels.


MFX75 – The RAW Edition

What a week it’s been in the world of WWE and what a great MFX podcast we have lined up for you. It’s time for MFX75 The Raw Edition, so join Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and life in general.

On the show this week…

Guess what we’re talking about? Yep – CM Punk taking his ball and going home. Plus there’s some chat about WWE’s new TV deal with Sky, KENTA at the WWE performance centre and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts going into the hall of fame.

We don’t review the Royal Rumble in detail because there’s so many comments from you guys and so many avenues of discussion coming off the controversial PPV. We cover all the issues with Daniel Bryan, unrealistic expectations from fans regarding the Rumble match and so much more.

Then it’s on to the RAW with a full MFX review. The show was quite fun, with a good main event and Brock Lesnar was as scary as usual. Plus we pitch tons of new shows for the WWE Network, all of which should instantly be made.

It’s a long show this week but there’s just SO much great stuff to talk about in what has been one of the most interesting and weird weeks in WWE in a while.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels. Oh and buy some MERCH, it’s WolfieApproved!


Simon and Garfunkel – Homeward Bound
Led Zepplin – Dazed and Confused/Ric Rude Theme


MFX Show 34


MFX 34 – An Englishman, A Scotsman and a Pilipino walk into a bar…

What…have…we…done?  FIVE HOURS!!  A FIVE HOUR LONG SHOW!!  All I can say is you guys better pack a lunch or something, cause this is MFX34 and this show is so long it makes Dirk Diggler feel inadequate.

This week MFX34 has a truly Asian flavour as we are joined by long time friend of the show, the sharpest dressed wrestling fan in the world and one damn funny dude, Mr Marc Abrigo!!  Marc was our man in Amsterdam (well, Raw in San Jose last week) and he brings us the full low down of just what happened live at Raw.  Ah such fun times!  Plus we give our predictions for the Royal Rumble.

After sharing his experience at Raw Marc sticks around to help us review IMPACT this week.  As usual Sir Ian is on manic form, Duckman struggles to hold things together and Abrigo wonders just how much Hulk Hogan would have no sold the crucifixion.  Yep, it’s one of THOSE TNA reviews and it’s frigging awesome.

With the first half of the show recorded before the Rumble, the second half is all about THE WORST ROYAL RUMBLE EVER (copyright – all IWC members).  Duckman and Sir Ian review the show and discuss all the potential fallout for Wrestlemania.

Duckman and Sir Ian wrap the show up with a review of RAW from this week.  No Abrigo at the show this week, so we are actually able to concentrate on what’s happen.  And Tensai is dancing.  Where’s Abrigo when you need him?

This is a monster of a show, you might not be able to consume it all in one sitting, but you can be damn sure when you do finally get to the end, you’ll be more satisfied than Marc Abrigo getting within touching distance of The Rock.

As always, thanks for listening folks and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.



ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

Bush – Superman

PJ and Duncan – Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.

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MFX Show 33


MFX 33 – Is Taz black?

This week MFX is all about questions.  Questions like, is Taz black?  Why didn’t Nick and Linda show up at Brick’s wedding?  What would happen if they did?  Does everyone in the world want to touch Sir Ian Trumps?  Was that the worst John Cena promo of all time?  And just how often can we mention friend of the show Marc Abrigo during the review of RAW?  Considering he was front and centre at ringside and on TV more than Paul Heyman – a lot!  It’s a fun show this week folks, really fun.

Although we do kick off on a serious note as Duckman reviews the excellent documentary, ‘Last of McGuinness,’ by Nigel McGuinness.  It is a fantastic piece of film making and a must see for any wrestling fan.  It’s a look at what happened to Nigel when he was signed by WWE but then turned up weeks later in TNA, before disappearing from wrestling completely.

The documentary follows Nigel on his farewell tour but it is about so much more than just wrestling.  We all have a dream but what happens when we fail to achieve that dream?  Where do our lives go after that?  This documentary looks at that in detail and so many other issues surrounding wrestling including the serious health implications of blading, unprotected chair shots and is a look at the life of independent wrestlers.  It’s brilliant.  Go order it NOW!

Once we’ve got the heartfelt and serious stuff out the way it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  It’s the Brick Hogan and Bully Ray wedding show.  We give this the usual MFX treatment and turn car crash TV into comedy gold.  Plus Sir Ian details what Hulk Hogan’s first day at Impact might have been like.  As usual we wander off down random tangents with the usual hilarious consequences.

We wrap the show up this week with a review of WWE RAW.  This is the ‘go-home’ show for the Royal Rumble.  There’s beat the clock challenges, awesome CM Punk and Rock promos and more Marc Abrigo than it’s legal to consume in one sitting.  Oh and a promo from John Cena that a member of the MFX Galaxy called, “the worst promo I have heard in my entire life.”  This Raw review is so entertaining it should come with a government health warning to protect your funny bone.

As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


Oasis – Fucking in the Bushes (Nigel McGuinness theme)

Billy Idol – White Wedding.

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MFX Show 31

MFX31 – The Stars are shining bright!

Happy New Year MFX Galaxy!  That’s right, it’s our first show of 2013 and MFX is back to rock your world with the best alternative, NSFW, left field and downright insane reviews of TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and WWE Monday Night Raw!

Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps have enjoyed their Christmas and New Year break and we’re back, refreshed and ready to rock your world with our own unique blend of light hearted snark and tiny nuggets of wrestling insight.

We kick the show off this week with some tales of Christmas fun and your New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  As always things rapidly descend into chaos but you wouldn’t expect anything less from MFX, right?

We take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling from the 3rd of January.  We question if Mr Anderson really exists, we marvel at the fact Hulk Hogan is now involved in about five different feuds.  Plus we give the show the usual MFX treatment.

Then it’s onto Monday Night Raw from the 7th of January.  CM Punk vs  Ryback – TLC match PLUS the return of THE ROCK!  A newsworthy show and another cracking MFX review!  Although to be fair, thanks to Duckman being on pain killers and Sir Ian having had about an hour’s sleep in the last two days, the energy levels in the MFX studio aren’t what they normally are.  Plus Skype was being a whore and cutting off all the time.  But you know us MFX Galaxy, we’re just like John Cena, we never give up and we rise above…technology?  Maybe.

Anyway, we hope you guys enjoy the first show of the year.  It’s great to be back!  Be sure to get involved in next week’s show through all the usual channels.  If you’ve got feedback on this show or anything else you want to share with MFX, be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.


Starman – David Bowie

Where Did It All Go Wrong? – Noel Gallagher


MFX Show 7

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

MFX 7 is here! It’s a huge show and one of the best yet, if we do say so ourselves! Oh and for anyone wondering if they hear a heater in the background, you do. It’s freezing in Scotland right now, sue me!

Anyway, what can you expect on MFX this week? All this and more:

Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps review the disappointing WWE Royal Rumble PPV. Not the best start on the road to Wrestlemania for the MFXers. Hilarity ensues.

The post Rumble Monday Night Raw is covered and we talk all the big moments from that show. We learn from Sir Ian that Kane is both an 8 hour plane ride and the Eli Manning of WWE. What the hell are we talking about? You’ll have to listen to the show to find out.

MFX wraps up with Duckman and Sir Ian discussing Chyna’s twitter meltdown, Hulk Hogan joining Metallica and the Natalya farting gimmick on Smackdown. Nothing but the most important wrestling stories of the week for MFX.

Then again if WWE isn’t your thing and you’re here for indy wrestling discussion and interviews at their best then hit 2 hours and 9 seconds – that’s when the Indy Corner drops and holy crap do Duckman and Stu have a loaded show for you!

We discuss DGUSA and PWG’s Wrestle Reunion weekend shows thanks to some great reports from our man at both shows, Alex K of the Occupy Pro Wrestling movement. We talk Fight Club Pro Resolution 2012 that took place last weekend. We look at MK McKinnan being announced to take part in CZW’s Best of the Best Tournament. Plus a little chat about ROH’s big 10th anniversary show and the decade of honour.

If that’s not enough Duckman had the privilege to sit down with top UK star Lionheart to talk his career, his appearance in WWE and TNA, we talk his matches with some of the biggest names on the UK and international indy scene. This is a really great interview guys and you should go out of your way to check it out. When the man is kicking arse in WWE or TNA you will be able to say you heard him talking about it on the Indy Corner!

So if that hasn’t convinced you to listen, we don’t know what will! Remember to get involved on our Facebook page, you can also email the show and get involved on future MFX podcasts.

Thanks and enjoy the show!

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Sheamus Entrance music

When the Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

Lionheart Entrance music


MFX Show 6

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

MFX 6 is here! What more is there to say? The most fun you can have over a couple of hours while keeping your clothes on. Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are back for another week of WWE and TNA chat. Plus The Indy Corner with Stu Rodgers returns with all the best comment and opinion on the big indy news of the week.!!

We’ve also got another great interview on The Indy Corner this week as we chat to Abbas Rezazadeh one of the guys behind New Scene Wrestling who have a huge show Extreme Limits coming up on 3rd February in Birmingham, UK, more on that later!

So what’s on the show this week?

Part 1 – Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps review the go home Monday Night Raw for the Royal Rumble (or Brokenback Mountain as it shall forever be known) in their own inimitable fashion. Lots of laughs and lots of confusion over WWE’s general direction heading into the Rumble.

Part 2 – Impact Wrestling from 19th January is reviewed and we’re shocked to admit that TNA is kicking WWE’s arse in terms of booking and logic…yeah, we know…shocking. Don’t believe us? You better listen to the review! Oh and be sure to enjoy Sir Ian’s ‘senior moment’ when the name of his least favourite TNA wrestler vanishes from his brain. The wrestler in question is so not over Sir Ian actual forgot he existed for a moment!

Part 3 – Royal Rumble preview and predictions. Duckman and Sir Ian wrap up the MFX segment of the show with a look at their favourite WWE PPV of the year.

The Indy Corner :

Duckman and Stu take a look at all the fallout from ROH Homecoming show and the invasion of Chikara!

Abbas Rezazadeh joins Duckman and Stu to talk all things New Scene Wrestling. We talk about how Abbas got his start in wrestling, his move from in-ring to promotion, lots of chat about top UK wrestling talent and loads more in between.

Of course we discuss Extreme Limits in depth and the appearance on that show of TNA superstar Matt Morgan. A really interesting interview with one of the guys who is making great strides in the UK wrestling scene. New Scene Wrestling – a promotion to watch in 2012!

So what the hell are you waiting for? Another wrestling podcast to finish? Screw that, it’s The Marks for Xcellence – nobody does it better!

Enjoy the show and please do leave feedback here, if you want to get involved in the show drop us an email at mfx.show@gmail.com and be sure to get involved over at our Facebook page!


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The Briscoe Brothers Theme
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