MFX137 – WrestleMania 32 Alternative Audio Show

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in pro wrestling, pop culture and everything in between.  On the show this week…

Well it’s finally here.  After many, many confusing and disappointing miles, we’ve made it to the end of the road…it’s WRESTLEMANIA, baby!!!!  The biggest show in WWE history for gate receipts and number of tickets sold has had us on a rocky road, but with the showcase of the immortals finally here, it’s time to sit back, sync up your version of WrestleMania 32 with our audio and experience WrestleMania 32 as we do – LIVE!

This’ll be our longest show ever, with WrestleMania 32 clocking in at over 4 hours long!  Will Roman Reigns’ skeleton be shaken from his body due to the booing of 85,000 fans?  Just how tanned will HHH be?  And just how ridiculous will his entrance end up being?  Will Shane McMahon jump off something high and will The Rock cut a movie promoting promo of epic proportions?  Join us as we answer these questions and more!  It’s time for WrestleMania 32, please forgive the lads for any mark out moments, there’s bound to be a few!  Hopefully…

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MFX124 – …In Association with Pal Productions.

Two shows in two weeks?  Yep, that’s right folks – MFX is back once again with another cracking show for you lucky people.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The lads kick off with some sports chat.  They talk the latest transfers in premier league, Raheem Sterling’s situation with Liverpool and Steven Gerrard’s debut for LA Galaxy.  Then Duckman marks out for UFC189 and the arrival of a true MMA superstar in ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

Sir Ian reviews ‘Ballers’ which is The Rock’s new TV show and WWE’s Tough Enough.  This leads the lads to rewrite their own version of Tough Enough as Vince McMahon would really do it.  It basically involves a lot of sexual deviant behaviour and trying to make flights to towns you’ve never heard of.  Plus they talk the new MTV reality show, White People.

The wrestling chat continues as Duckman has been sent some erotic wrestling fan-fiction which horrifies Sir Ian.  The lads talk about Vince’s weird instructions to his commentators and how it’s ruining commentary in WWE.

There’s plenty to mark out about with the reveal of the new Batman v Superman trailer and the behind the scenes footage of the new Star Wars movie.  This leads to loads of chat about comic book movies, reboots, the over use of CGI and other fun movie related topics.

They wrap the show up with another head to head battle for the Try Hard Ruler of the Week.  With the winner being the true definition of a try hard!

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MFX123 – We’ll See You in Dolphin Court

Don’t worry, your eyes and ears don’t deceive you – there’s a NEW MFX show and it’s as awesome as always (and full of alliteration)!  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The lads discuss the legalisation of gay marriage in the US, the opposition to it and the changes society has undergone in recent times.  They talk about the battles of humanity when it comes to religion, race and sexuality and wonder if the entirety of human existence is just some alien’s failed school science project.

They take things in a less intense direction as Sir Ian reviews the movies Jurassic World and Knock Knock.  Duckman chimes in with his love of the TV shows Justified and Silicon Valley.  Plus the lads answer your emails and we learn all about Sir Ian’s time as the top heel in an American high school soccer league.

Duckman pays tribute to the late, great Dusty Rhodes and raves about how much fun WWE’s recent Beast in the East show was.  The lads quickly cover the latest departures and uncertainty in TNA and there’s all the latest on Hulk Hogan’s sex tape trial.

The show wraps up this week with a very one sided edition of the Try Hard Ruler of the Week.

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MFX112 – Sign-gate: The Wrestling Show.

The podcast that doesn’t need The Rock to get it over is back for another week of chaos, confusion and cock jokes.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week on this weird planet we live on.  On the show this week…

Sir Ian has an update on Celebrity Big Brother and gives his pick for the Superbowl – which was wrong!

Duckman and his buddy Steveo go to the IMPACT Wrestling TV taping in Glasgow, have a riot of a good time, meet some wrestlers and get stupidly drunk!

There’s loads of wrestling chat this week.  There’s the Royal Rumble, there’s chat about Roman Reigns and WWE in general.  Plus a great discussion about the UK wrestling scene and whether or not ICW or another UK promotion could get on TV on a regular basis.

Plus there’s talk about movies, sports, crazy news stories of the week and of course the lads award another Try Hard Ruler of the Week, as nominated by you guys!

As always, thanks for listening.  Join the forums, buy some merch and shill this show like you’ve never shilled before!


MFX Show 44

MFX44 – It’s Wrestlemania, baby!  Plus Raw is Smark.

The biggest wrestling event of the year is here!  That’s right, it’s MFX44 baby!!  Actually it was Wrestlemania this weekend (like you didn’t know) so of course this is our big Wrestlemania review edition of MFX.

It’s also going to be the last MFX for around a month as Sir Ian Trumps will be doing his whole “international stag do, celebrity wedding, massive honeymoon” event of a life time.  It’s going to mean MFX is off the air for a few weeks, but it also means one of the founding fathers of MFX is getting married and let’s be honest, that’s slightly more important than doing this podcast…slightly.

Anyway, in the spirit of sending you guys off on a high before we take our mid season break, we’ve got a massive show for you this week.  Think Wrestlemania sized, only more entertaining and with less giant pillars blocking your view or endless hype videos.

We kick the show off this week with news on Ian’s first stag night with his family and friends.  As you would expect it’s a riot of a story with tons of funny moments, including a police dog biting a footballer and Sir Ian’s Dad nearly getting into a fight on the train!  And to think, his crazy, booze filled stag night is still to come!  We also talk Duckman’s Wrestlemania weekend and we get all political with a chat about the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Once all that’s out of the way it’s time for our review of Pillarmania, sorry Wrestlemania, which as usual brings you that classic MFX blend of jokes, salty language and a sprinkling of insight.  It’s a 90 minute recap of Wrestlemania that blows all other Wrestlemania recaps out the water.

We then review the Raw after Wrestlemania, or Raw is Smark as we like to call it.  It was a crazy crowd at RAW, powered by fans from the UK and Ireland who made it a night like no other.  Our review is pretty much the same, only with less chants and dancing.

We wrap the show up this week with a review of IMPACT.  Yeah, TNA had a show this week!  Actually it was more of a go-home show for this week’s IMPACT but what can you do?  The show kind of sucked but we squeeze some comedy gold out of it…just.

So that’s MFX off on our holidays for a few weeks.  Duckman is contemplating putting together a best of show to keep the MFX Galaxy going while Sir Ian gets married.  Although more than likely he’ll just take the time off too and enjoy a well earned break.  Also, nothing much really happens after Wrestlemania anyway, so we won’t be missing much.

As always, thanks for listening and we’ll be back in mid May with MFX45 – The Sir Ian Trumps Wedding Special and you won’t want to miss that!

Enjoy the show.


MFX Show 43

MFX43 – “In The Club We Call Him Bitch” plus Wrestlemania n’ stuff.

Well MFX Galaxy it’s that time of the week once again.  Time to stop watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  Put down that Xbox controller and stop listening to whatever music you’re listening to.  There’s a wrestling podcast here that requires your full attention.  It’s MFX43, the final MFX before Wrestlemania and we’ve got the grand daddy of them all right here!

We kick the show off with some discussion on the sad news about Reid Flair’s passing.  One listener to the show emailed us with a controversial opinion on the tragedy which we discuss.  We lighten the mood by making fun of Shane Douglas and Extreme Rising for a while.  If it’s good enough for Stevie Richards and Danny Doring, it’s good enough for MFX.  Plus we discuss a few other random topics of wrestling news that I’m sure will keep you all thoroughly entertained.

Then it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  Another decent show from TNA, in front of a hot crowd and Taryn Terrell is in the hottest wrestling gear we’ve ever seen.   We probably spend too long talking about that.  There’s all the usual Hulk Hogan jokes and Chavo hate that you’ve come to know and love from MFX.  Another fun review of a fun wrestling show.

We then turn our attention to WWE and the final RAW before Wrestlemania.  It wasn’t a great show, it wasn’t a terrible show.  It was just a bit of a nothing show, with a horrible final angle which left Sir Ian foaming at the mouth with fury!  Once RAW is dealt with we give a full preview and predictions for Wrestlemania 29.

It’s a bumper show this week folks, packed full of wrestling discussion, crude and childish humour, plus a few nuggets of insight that you will probably ignore.

Next week it’s Wrestlemania 29 so why not get ready for the biggest show of the year with the most entertaining and downright hilarious wrestling podcast around?  The week in WWE and TNA gets the full MFX treatment.  You’re welcome!

As always, thanks for listening, be sure to get in touch with the show through all the usual channels and enjoy Wrestlemania!


MFX Show 42


Well folks it’s that time of the week once again.  The most entertaining wrestling podcast on the net is back for another episode that is almost too awesome to describe.  It’s MFX42 and this week Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are in fine form.  Actually they’re both ill and not exactly loving WWE at the moment, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing you another three hours of fun, laughter, salty language and tiny nuggets of insight into the world of WWE and TNA.

The show kicks off this week with an update on Sir Ian’s recent trip to the hospital, we then talk Arnie inducting Bruno into the WWE Hall of Fame, plus Fallon Fox vs. Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray’s recent troubles with the use of a certain word (we call cigarettes this in the UK) and we mourn Chyna’s latest career move.  Oh and a couple of MFX Galaxy members get their nicknames – sorry lads!  Plenty of laughs to be had with all of this.

Then it’s onto IMPACT and we give the show a MFX thumbs up.  Especially for the excellent videos TNA put together to explain the Aces and Eights storyline.  We also ponder Chavo insurance, as well as DOC’s fun times babysitting Garrett and Wes.  We continue to worship at the Church of Taz.  Plus all the usual Brick and Hulk Hogan jokes that make up about 75% of the review.  IMPACT was good this week and so is this review.

We wrap the show up with a RAW review that starts of kind of boring, then goes into total meltdown with Duckman and Sir Ian questioning if they should even be watching WWE anymore, before we throw the script out the window and bring the funny as hard as we possibly can.  It’s a slight train wreck of a review, but an entertaining one nonetheless.

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Enjoy the show.


MFX Show 41

MFX41 – Raw is Snore.

The show was a day late last week so this week we thought – let’s get the show up a few hours early for those wonderful people in the MFX Galaxy!  So that’s just what we’ve done.  We know, we’re too good to you people.

We kick the show off this week with some discussion on Scott Hall and wrestling fans donating $80,000 to him.  Is it the right thing to do?  MFX aren’t totally convinced it is.  We lighten the mood with a chat about Vince McMahon challenging Dana White to a fight a few years ago.  Plus Duckman and Sir Ian lament how old they are getting and awesome 80s movies.

Then it’s time for our usual review of IMPACT.  We talk Brick Hogan’s breakdown, AJ Styles makes his hobo looking return to IMPACT.  We can’t get enough of Todd (Milf Hunter) Keneley’s history as a bouncer and of course, Hogan rips Sting a new one and MFX salute the whole thing.  Duckman laughs so much during this review he nearly has to leave the room.  So much fun and laughter to be had.  Oh and IMPACT was  a great show too!

Unfortunately the show falls of a cliff with our review of RAW from this week.  It was one of the most boring shows we’ve seen in some time.  The road to Wrestlemania is crumbling people and even MFX can’t find much funny from the show this week.  Well, we do talk about Brad Maddox milking HHH but that’s a whole other story!

As always, we bring you tons of laughter, a little bit of insight and the most entertaining wrestling podcast on these here interwebs.

Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with future shows through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.


MFX Show 40


MFX40 – Duckman’s Birthday Extravaganza.

Well, not really.  It is Duckman’s birthday this week but we haven’t got time to be going on about that.  It’s MFX40 on UTNSN and we’re back to rock your week in wrestling like no one else can.

We kick off the show this week with so much news, feedback, comment and opinion that it could be a podcast all of its own.  Oh and we learn that Sir Ian isn’t a fan of Wrestle Talk TV!

IMPACT is given the usual MFX treatment.  It’s the go-home show for Lockdown and TNA really staggered over the line to the PPV this week.  The show was kinda weak.  Our review is STRONG!  Like Rob Terry strong.  And funny.  Like Hulk Hogan funny.

We take a look at TNA’s Lockdown PPV.  A bit of a mixed bag of a show but we do enjoy our Brick Hogan is Rain Man booker idea.  Plus Sir Ian worships at the altar of Bully Ray – the MFX Podcast’s new favourite babyface.

We wrap the show up this week with our review of RAW.  MFX Galaxy, we thought this show sucked.  But once again when wrestling goes boring, MFX goes funny.  So much gold here, you’ll all finish one hundred dollars richer after listening to the show!

Oh and Duckman drank a bottle of red wine during the last two parts of the show.  What?  It’s his birthday, give him a break!

This is one funny show, even if we do say so ourselves.  You like your wrestling podcasts to make you laugh, think and cry?  Well, two out of three isn’t bad, so you better get listening.

Thanks as always for listening to the show and be sure to get in touch with us through all the usual channels.


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MFX Show 39


MFX39 – UTNSN meet MFX.

Holy crap someone put us on a network!  This week marks the first MFX Wrestling Podcast on the Universal Takeover Sports Network.  We’re selling out big time people, come join us!

For those of you listening for the first time, welcome to the MFX Galaxy!  Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are here to serve you up a once in a week-time, gratuitously NSFW, vaguely entertaining look at the week in wrestling. This week the usual MFX treatment is dished out: brash, loud, from the UK and with dashes of riotous humour .

We’re talking Old School Raw, TNA IMPACT, the elusive WWE Network.  Oh and Sir Ian goes to the movies.  He reviews a wrestling movie…well…kind of a wrestling movie…it’s set in a ring…there’s a lot of sweating.   Caution:  Chyna present.  Yep…sorry!

So what are you all waiting for?  Stop reading this, get streaming, get downloading and get some MFX goodness inside you.  Come on, you know you want too.

The week in wrestling like you’ve never heard before.  Or so our Mom’s tell us.  What, you calling our Moms liars?  Just listen to the show.  Thank us later.

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Enjoy the show.


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