MFX Show 64

MFX64 – A Week of Rubbish Wrestling.

Celebrate good times, come on!! MFX is back in your lives for another week. You can thank us later.

Join your heroes, Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in wrestling and life in general in a non-stop riot of hilarity.

They kick off with tales of Sir Ian’s interaction with poor people, which evolves into a discussion on benefit reform and other socio-political discussion. Yeah, we’re a bit different from other wrestling podcasts – that’s for damn sure. Once the heavy stuff is out the way it’s the MFX show opening you know and love. Tons of feedback from the listeners leads to loads of funny moments as always. Plus there’s a review of HHH’s new career retrospective DVD.

IMPACT review is next up. Will Hulk Hogan get on The Dixie Train? Will Sting declare his undying love for sexy Magnus? Will Sir Ian care about anything TNA do? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Then it’s on to the Battleground review. Sorry folks, even MFX can’t make that show entertaining.

The show is wrapped up, as always, with a review of Monday Night Raw. Big Show stops crying, the same matches from the PPV are here for free and Hunch makes his return to MFX. All that plus JBL loves bullying and tons more of the usual MFX nonsense you’ve come to know and love.

As always, thanks for listening. Be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels and BUY SOME MERCH!!

Scroobius Pip – Get Better
Cast – Walk Away
The Audience – A Pessimist is Never Disappointed


MFX Show 62

MFX62 – We Go Beyond The Bell.

Normally we do a big intro here, but most of you don’t read it and this show stands on its own merits. It doesn’t need any more hype than this:

Drunk Marc Abrigo fights back. Skelly fails with an email. The MFX Galaxy are once again forced into buying merchandise. Duckman steps into the world of Total Divas. Sir Ian reviews the autobiography of Screech from Saved By The Bell…and that’s just the show opening.

IMPACT is reviewed early on a Sunday morning, which results in unrelenting hilarity and great energy. Then Dixie Carter vs. AJ Styles work/shoot rubbish happens and we give up on TNA. Sir Ian is broken. Officially.

Time for RAW – The Shield vs. The World, more of Miz’s Dad, JBL and Big Show exchange texts about beating up Miz, Gameboy returns and Ryback annoys CM Punk. One of our most fun reviews of RAW in a long time.

See, such little hype. So dive in yourself. Join Sir Ian and Duckman as we traverse the week in wrestling. No one does this like us. Mainly because they’re non smarky, professional people and we’re two idiots who spend too much time laughing about childish rubbish.

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Saved By The Bell theme
The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now


MFX Show 61

MFX61 – The Ballad Of Three Pint Betty.

We know the last week has felt like an eternity. You’ve been sitting there, refreshing ITunes and Stitcher every day, hoping and praying that maybe today would be the day MFX returned. Well, today is that day!! The only wrestling podcast that leaves your sides hurting from laughter and your brain buzzing from insight into the sport you know and love is BACK!!

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in wrestling and life in general as only they can – hilariously.

The show kicks off with tales of Duckman getting drunk, Sir Ian eating snails and we hear all about Sir Ian’s trip to London to meet some of the MFX Galaxy. We learn all about just how little booze Marc Abrigo can handle and his new nickname inspired the title of the show this week.

Plus there’s all your feedback and emails, including the return of one of Duckman and Sir Ian’s favourite people on planet earth – the legend that is Skelly! Yep, the first hour of the show has no mention of wrestling. What? It’s MFX – you know how we do this.

Fear not, the rest of the show is jam packed with the most entertaining reviews of TNA No Surrender, WWE Night of Champions and Monday Night Raw that you will hear anywhere.

We’re back, we’re rocking and you’re welcome.

Thanks for listening, be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels. Oh and BUY SOME MERCH!


Last of the Big Time Drinkers – The Stereophonics.
The Beginning Of The Twist – Futureheads.
My Happy Ending – Avril Lavigne


MFX Show 60

MFX60 – Who The F**K Is Allen Jones?

Batten down the hatches, pour yourself a drink, light one up, sit back and relax as the single most entertaining wrestling podcast on the internet returns for another week. That’s right you luck people – MFX IS BACK!

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and TNA as only they can – with tons of jokes and plenty of salty language.

They kick the show off this week by talking about transfer deadline day, movies, Duckman’s nephew, new MFX merch. So pretty much anything apart from wrestling. Don’t worry though, there’s some of that too as they discuss AJ Styles contract renewal with TNA. Plus they discuss the possibility of Goldberg and Sting appearing at Wrestlemania 30.

Then it’s on to IMPACT. This show sucked. Seriously, it was terrible. Well the matches were great, but the rest was horrible. The review is the complete opposite. We find out who Allen Jones is and why AJ Style would make a terrible Batman. Oh and they openly mock the messed up Bound for Glory Series and Hulk Hogan’s rambling promo that they built the whole show around. A terrible show.

At least they enjoyed RAW. In fact they positively loved the show. Loads of talk about the Bryan/Orton/HHH/Big Show angles, as well as lots of time to make fun of boring Curtis Axel, Ryback and of course Nee Nor.

This is the last MFX for a week as Sir Ian is away on business next week, but don’t worry, this show is so great it’ll keep you going for two weeks.

As always, thanks for listening, get involved with future shows through the usual channels. AND BUY A T-SHIRT!

Collapsed Lung – Eat My Goal


MFX Show 59

MFX59 – Better Than Perfect.

We’re a day later than normal but fear not MFX Galaxy, this week’s show is a sure fire classic. Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in wrestling as only they can.

The show kicks off with Duckman’s review of An Evening with Jim Ross he attended in Glasgow this week. As usual the show descends into chaos with talk of summer movies, your feedback on last week’s show and your emails. They do cover some wrestling news – well they bury the messed up Bound for Glory Series, laugh heartily at Hulk Hogan’s idea to improve TNA and we say goodbye to Todd DiBiase – he will be missed, if not really remembered.

Then it’s on to IMPACT. Time for AJ Styles to get confusing. The two Brooke controversy. Wrestlers in jeans and more!

The show ends on a high this week with a fun episode of RAW and an even more fun review of it. Simple as that really.

As always thanks for listening folks and be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels.

Who Are You? – The Who
With A Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker


MFX Show 57


MFX57 – Hey, this is Kurt and BEEP….

That’s right folks, MFX is BACK and ready to bring you another full on, impression filled, snarktastic wrestling podcast like no other!

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in wrestling as only they can.  Sir Ian tells us about his trip to Newcastle, Duckman scares Sir Ian with a couple of creepy stories.  There’s loads of listener comments and other fun stuff to discuss.

They do get around to talking wrestling in the opening part of the show, which ends up in an in-depth and probably quite confusing discussion about WWE’s finances and their false claim of 20 million viewers last week.  Fear not though MFX Galaxy, there’s plenty of laughs to be had about Hulk Hogan: The Movie!

Then it’s on to IMPACT.  Sir Ian has pretty much checked out with IMPACT these days.  Although Taz making his return does cheer him up.  It’s the usual MFX review of IMPACT with plenty of fun times, songs, impressions and Kurt Angle leaves a lot of voice mails.

They wrap the show up this week with their review of Monday Night Raw.  It’s the go-home show for Summerslam, so expect two good segments, some pointless matches and an Edge tribute video, featuring Christian.  Yep, Raw was ok but this review is so much more entertaining!

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels.


Movies – Alien Ant Farm

When The Going Gets Tough – Billy Ocean


MFX Show 55


MFX55 – RAW is force fields.

Wait a second, it’s Wednesday and MFX is up? That’s right folks, we’re so awesome we decided to give you your weekly dose of MFX goodness a day earlier than normal.

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian as they traverse the week in WWE and TNA in their usual inimitable style. You know how we do this by now: loads of pop culture references, satirical, surreal and utterly hilarious. Oh and some chat about wrestling.

The show kicks off this week with Sir Ian’s adventures in babysitting. We revel in your feedback and more merch ideas. Sir Ian brings the #AskDixie sarcasm tsunami back to MFX and it’s funny. Plus we discuss your emails and actually try to give some serious insight into wrestling.

Then it’s on to the IMPACT review. The show was kind of boring and built around Hogan again but as always we mine a never ending seam of comedy gold. You will never hear IMPACT reviewed like this, anywhere, ever.

We wrap the show up with our review of RAW. Another boring show from WWE which is saved by the continuing adventures of Gameboy and of course Ryback and Nee Nor.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.

Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger
Diesel/Star Wars mash up


MFX Show 54


MFX54 – Ask Dixie

Ah MFX Galaxy. Sometimes this show writes itself. This week is one of those weeks.

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian as they kick the show off with some chat about Sir Ian’s house hunting and the best meal he’s ever had. Duckman talks about looking after his crazy nephew for a week and trippy kids TV. Then it’s on to your feedback and more MFX merch suggestions. They wrap up the show opening with more chat about the woes at TNA. Plus the #AskDixie phenomenon invades MFX – hilarity ensues.

Then it’s on to the IMPACT review – it’s Destination X time folks! This was a fun episode of IMPACT, choked full of the usual good, weird and downright dumb TNA segments. Duckman and Sir Ian laugh, cry and lament what could be the beginning of the end for TNA. Or not, maybe we’re just being overly dramatic!

As always the show wraps up with the RAW review. RAW this week can be broken down into two parts. The first two hours, which were utterly horrible. And the final hour, which had one of the best promo exchanges of recent years with Punk and Heyman, plus 30 minutes of Daniel Bryan wrestling master class 101. Another fun review and plenty of the usual MFX high jinks to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Remember to donate a couple of bucks and you can be one of a select group who can hear a little teaser of what might happen if Sir Ian calls TNA in the future.

As always thanks for listening, be sure to get in touch through all the usual channels and enjoy the show!


Biffy Clyro – Questions and Answers
Different Strokes Theme


MFX Show 53

MFX53 – In Doc We Trust – GAWD-BYE!

Sad times at the MFX studios this week folks, as news broke that DOC of Aces and Eights has been released by TNA. This is a dark day for MFX – mainly because that’s 30% of our jokes during IMPACT gone! Doc, you may be gone, but you will not be forgotten by MFX. We can only hope someone else takes as good care of The Nerd Patrol as you did.

That shocking news aside your heroes of MFX have got another packed show for you this week. They kick things off with all the news on TNA’s latest cuts, as well as a chat about the leaks of WWE PPV results. Sir Ian has an interesting take on who might be behind it. We finish off the show opening with some truly hilarious news about a photo op with a former WWE diva.

Then it’s on to IMPACT (which we recorded before the news of the latest cuts broke) which sees the debut of the MFX ‘try hard ruler of the week award’ as well as all the usual MFX fun and games.

Of course we review Money In the Bank and RAW. The RAW review was ridiculous this week – it must be the heat wave that caused it. HHH’s new nemesis appears on the scene and you can be sure his secret life with Brad Maddox will never be the same again!

As always thanks for listening, enjoy the show – oh AND BUY SOME MERCH!

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Coldplay – Warning Sign
Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright
Prisoner Cell Block H Theme


MFX Show 52

MFX52 – If It’s Bo – We Wyatt

The sun is shining, British sporting triumph keeps on coming and to make it all the sweeter – MFX is back! For some reason Duckman’s mic was a bit rubbish in the show opening and the IMPACT review but we fixed it for the RAW review – hopefully it’s not too annoying for you all.

Join your heroes as they open the show with some chat about Andy Murray, The British Lions and UFC162. Plus they discuss your ideas for MFX merchandise and slogans. They pay tribute to four anniversaries of major events in wrestling history.
Then it’s on to IMPACT. Quite a fun show this week with the best match of the week in the main event. Gut Check is ripped a new one. There’s singing, there’s impressions, there’s loads of jokes about ill fitting suits and Jeff Hardy has a breakdown!

They wrap the show up this week with the usual MFX review of RAW. It was Vickie’s Gut Check and The Wyatt Family’s debut. One was awesome, the other involved a middle aged woman climbing a ladder and being annoying. As always there’s singing, there’s impressions and loads of jokes. You know what we do.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.

The Lex Express Rap – Randy Savage and Men on a Mission
The Brood’s Theme