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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

So to preface this a bit here, this will be a little different than my previous ones as it is a bit more serious and more a rambling of my thoughts on this.

So the Angriest Man in Brooklyn wasn’t a movie I originally set out to review but more one I just happened to watch and after finishing all I could think about was how much I feel people need to watch this movie. Not because it is the best movie ever made, but because of how well it was done and how it made me feel once it was done. For those who aren’t aware of this film, it was one of the last ones finished by Robin Williams before he passed away which also made this one a little harder for me to write because of how much of an impact his movies had on my growing up.

What would you do if you only had 90 minutes to live? This is the story we got to watch unfold as Robin Williams character Henry Altmann came to terms with his impending death. The movie originally starts off as a happy family movie, showing Henry playing with his children in a nice flashback scene to really show the contrast between the present day version of his character. It uses the old Wonder Years trick of a voice narrator to explain to us not only is Henry and angry man but he hates every thing and proceeds to list them before showing us a great example of his anger in the form of his reaction to a car accident.

I’m going to be trying my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible cause I really do want people to see this so bear with me if it gets a little jumbled. Now back to the movie. We’re next introduced to Mila Kunis character Dr. Sharon Gill who as she will repeatedly tell you is not Henry’s Dr. but is filling in for his actual Dr. who is on vacation. Her character while being the reason the movie goes the way it does is explained to us as what was once a bright energetic Dr. who has been beaten down by the constant loss at the hospital as well as currently dealing with the suicide of her cat.

So what we have ready to meet now is an extremely angry man going in for his Dr. visit and being greeted by a young jaded Dr. After Henry is informed that he has a brain aneurysm that is deadly unless he sees a specialist, he demands a time frame of how long he has despite being told over and over by Dr. Gil that only a specialist can tell him. After an excessive amount of badgering she finally snaps and tells him 90 minutes after seeing the time listed on a magazine article about how long to cook a turkey, thus setting the film on course.

The film from here follows Henry as he goes through the stages of grief in a rather quick manner. As he is on his own path attempting to repair his ruined relationships and come to terms with his own mortality, Dr. Gil is attempting to track him down in order to get him to the specialist in order to prevent any repercussions from her giving false information to a patient that desperately needs medical attention. The movie really does a great job of showing not only how Henry Altman’s character has changed since the opening flashback, but also why he has changed in to the man he is. My favorite part about all of this is how you’re quickly taken from seeing Henry as this absolutely horrible man to really feeling for him.

Now onto the main thing I wanted to talk about in regards to this movie. I see this movie as a perfect movie to be seen as Robin William’s last as to me it was almost like his own way of saying goodbye to everyone. He played his character well and showed exactly how the person you see on the outside is not a true reflection of the person on the inside, mirroring in a way his own life for those of us who weren’t aware of his depression and only saw his happy outward personality.

Finally I want to leave with a quote from the movie that really struck home based on the actual events that transpired after the movies release.

Henry Altman: “On my tombstone it ‘ll say: Henry Altman 1951-2014. I never knew until now: it’s not the dates that matters it’s the dash”

Thank you Robin for the Dash

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    I might actually consider watching this!