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The First Thing That You Hear!

Hey Hey Hey…I would like to welcome all you readers out there to the first entry…post…the flushing of the random things that are stuck in my head.  Full disclosure my head is not a pretty place, so I may want to apologize in advance, some of my thoughts is not going to be, what’s the word?  Ah – sane!  Yep, I’m just little bit crazy. Hey what life without a little insanity? Lord knows I hear it all day at work.

Also I would to say this post is a little short. It’s taken me longer to write it than I thought. Plus it’s been while since I’ve actually written something this long , so I am a little rusty. But bear with me. I am going to get my groove back and the words are going to leap off the page or I will kill you all with boredom.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.  The name’s Blackdeath, not my real name (obviously), just the name that I am known on the inter-web.  You can all call me BD for short. This is Black Death’s Wrestlefest. Where I will be talking about all things wrestling.  From music to movies to wrestlers.  If it’s got wrestling in it, I am going to say something about it.

I have a unique take on wrestling, and I want to  share that with the world. That is the reason I decided to do this blog.  You ask, “Why should we listen to you Blackdeath?”  Well dear reader I have the answer for that: I was a pro wrestler back in the day.  I got paid and everything, it’s true.

I spent  6 years on the Indy wrestling scene wrestling in the South West of the US: Arizona, California and Mexico.  So expect in a future post for me to throw in a tale from the Indy days. I’ve got a few stories that I collected over the years.  I’ve done some wild things back in the day and I’ve seen some wild thing happen…trust me on that.

But like I was saying, this going to place where I am going to talk about all things wrestling.  Now the problem is it’s not going to be something that has any structure to it.  Meaning I don’t know what I am going to be talking about from week to week . It’s not going to be on a regular schedule also.  I work a full time job, dawn to dusk.  It’s hard to find time to sit down and write the the crazy thoughts I have in my head.

But rest assured I will do my best to covey to you, my dear reader, my  disturbed thoughts the best I can and I hope you all will enjoy the things I have to say.  Also I want to give you one more truth about myself: I am not much of a writer. I can talk better than I write, but hey I am going to give it a good shot and I hope you all enjoy.

OK, now that is out of the way, let’s get started.  This post is going to be about the music of wrestling.  What do I mean “Music of Wrestling?”  One of the first things that you hear when a wrestler comes out to the ring is the entrance music.  It’s part of selling who the person is, it’s that first impression that you as a fan hears and it can tell you so much about the guy or girl that coming down to the ring to entertain us in that ring.

A great entrance theme can make a wrestler.  An awful one can just ruin a wrestler or wrestlers before they even get started. I had a thought a while back, while I listen to my Smart phone, I got a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Nice huh?  You might not be a gold  digger, but you an’t messing with a broke negro here!

Anyway, I like to listen to music on my way to work and from work, well pretty much when I am out and about rolling down the street…and when I say roll, I mean ROLL.  I am in a wheelchair at the moment, due to losing my foot a few years back.  It’s a long story and I will not bore you all with the details at this moment. Maybe one day I will talk it in length. But not at this moment.  Now where was I…

Oh Yeah.  One day as I was listening to the music, I thought, what are my favourite wrestling themes of all time?  I started to mentally go through them, and then I thought hey why don’t I share my thoughts on this with this new blog I got?  See I am such a generous fella and oh one quick shout out to the MFX Podcast, love you guys.  If you’re not listening to the MFX podcast…for shame.  But if you’re here reading my blog then you must have listened to the podcast…so I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are smart people. 🙂

So now I going to give you my  favourite wrestling entrance themes.  Now these are not in order.  They’re not what some might consider the best of all time, just the ones that I enjoy the most and the reason why I like them so much.  So sit back and enjoy!

Let’s start with a classic:

  • Real American – Hulk Hogan.

Yeah I wanted to get it out of the way early.  I grew up in the eighties and if you watch the WWF ( in the 80’s it was the WWF , I am not getting the F out when I talk about 80’s wrestling, so expect me to call it the WWF when and if I talk about the 80’s and 90’s wrestling in future editions) you were more than likely a Hulkamaniac and I was one.

This song just was perfect song for the Hulkster.  It told you all you needed to know about who the guy was coming down to the ring.  He was the hero and you knew in the end he was  going to win. Funny thing about the song it was actually the original theme song for the tag team of Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham.  They were the tag team champions at the time and doing all american gimmick. I remember Hogan had “Ravishing” by Bonnie Rhett as his theme at the time…great song but it just did not fit with the character that he would become. Real American was better fit for him and rest is history. I just love listening to this song.

  • Enough is Enough – Owen Hart.

I miss Owen Hart.  I was a big Owen hart fan.  I just loved to watch an Owen Hart match. He would work any style in the ring from high flyer to ground based wrestling.  He played his role great and I always say if Owen had lived longer, he would have been the WWF World Champion.

I love to listen to this song.  I think it’s that hammer in the background of the song that just does it for me. One of the great memories for me involves this song.  Back in the late 90’s I went to my first Raw with my two best friends Robert and Gearn. They were also fellow wrestlers, Geran being the one that got me into wrestling on the Indy scene.

So we went to our first Raw and we got into arena early and had a chance to walk into an empty arena as it started to fill with fans.  It was just awesome to just be near the ring and on the Tron was Owen’s Enough is Enough playing on a loop.  God it was such a great time and I just loved hearing the song as we walked into our first Raw.  It just brings back great memories when I hear this song, of both Owen and that first Raw show I went too.

  • Burn In My light/Voices – Randy Orton.

What can you say about Randy Orton?  Well, there’s a lot you can say about him. I am not going to say them because this would be one long ass paragraph.  Honestly one of the things I do like about Randy Orton is he’s got some of the best facial expressions around and I love them theme songs.  Both of them.

Burning In My light.  I just like the sound of this song and it did seem to fit what his character was at the time.  Loved the image that song just brings into my mind when it hear it.

Then you’ve got Voices.  Yeah I jam to this song, like they say “it’s my jam dog.”  Just the right type of pitch for me. It’s hard to explain the emotion that comes up when I hear this song.  What can I say every time I hear it, I am inspired and that’s what music is supposed to do.

  • I Came To Play – Miz.  

God I hate the Miz.  Damn I love his theme song. You can see my conflict!  Miz does a great job at being a heel. Makes me want to smack him every time I see him.  But damn his song is awesome.  I am very strange man.  I admit that right now.

  • Jive Soul Brother – Slick.

The Slickster.  The Doctor of Style.  A jive soul bro.  Slick was the first pimp in the WWF.  I love this song.  It caught the character of Slick in one perfect song. Love the beat, you could just groove to this tune. Slick was a great manager, and a great character and this was a great song.

  • It Conquered V2 – The Rock.  

Back in 2003 The Rock had come back from Hollywood.  He had just done The Scorpion King and he was now all Hollywood Rock.  I loved that character. He was just one charming arrogant asshole and his theme song was just rocking (no pun intended).  The reason I love this theme was the extra long opening to the song.  The built up to the song, that slow roll of the melody as it builds and builds and boom the song starts.  I love it!

  • American Bad Ass – Undertaker.  

What can I say?  It’s biker Undertaker. Ride bikes, kicks ass, Big Evil, Red Devil.  Yep, I’m a big Undertaker mark.  He had like what 12 songs throughout his career?  Kid Rock’s American Bad Ass is pretty much my favourite out of them. Ass-kicking biker, what’s not to love.  I am Kid Rock fan also…told you all I was not right in the head. Hey what you going to do?

  • Somebody Call My Momma – Brodus Clay/ Ernest the Cat Miller.

“Funk is on a roll, got to let it go”, come on now, you hear this song you just want to shake your booty. Yeah Brodus was not that good of a worker, The Cat was an underrated worker and was pretty much a comedy act when he was in the WWE. I enjoyed his matches in WCW, but this song is right in my wheelhouse.  Hell if I had two feet, I would be dressing up as a b-boy and dancing to this song!

Ok, I am going to shut it down for this edition at the moment, but the list is far from done. In the future expect more list of my favorite songs and my worst themes songs around . Yep that coming too. So right now I bid all farewell, until I write again. Which I hope is soon…how soon?  I have no clue!

Black Death.

  • David Bjerke

    How in the crap did Glass Shatters not make this list?! I still listen to that song whenever I need a motivator to start getting stuff done.

    • Black Death

      never said I was done with the list… 😉

  • Ben Halbur

    Good choices, BD (This is Gravedigger)…. Glass shatters would have been nice to see, and I’ve always been a fan of “Sexy Boy” as well. Fit HBK well back in the day (not sure if it fit the 2000s version). But there has been quite a few good themes over the years so we could all post top 10s and have a lot of different songs. Nice work with your first post.

  • dq

    I like that “Olympian” one from the video game…. Don’t think it was ever used in wwe, but it was our tag team entrance in my universe when you and I were the “black Irish” 😀

    Very fun read, looking forward to more.

  • Jason Z

    Awesome list BD, looking forward to seeing more from you