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Tone’s Top Ten #1

So I return with my 2nd blog for MFX Ramblings. Right after my intro post, I had a suggestion from MFX Forum and Fit Club legend Drama Queen for my first Tone’s Top Ten subject, so here goes:

Tone’s Top Ten

(Not sure how to label this other than, err, parts of my exercise routine, I guess.)

10: Bikes – I use both arm and leg-based bikes mostly for warmup, finding them good to get started before moving to weights or other cardio.

9: Circuits – 20 or so minutes of stuff based around Core exercises such as Planking or balancing, some using resistance machines.

8: Medicine Ball – Another Core-heavy part of the workout, at the moment it’s mainly a horseshoe movement which I’m looking to develop into something more complex.

 7: Bicep Curl to Overheads – Another recent addition to the routine, not sure how quickly I’ll feel improvement with this one.

6: Chest Presses – Earliest Weight-based training I was introduced to. My instructor plans to get me trying the version of this using free weights rather than a machine soon.

5: Core Exercises – At this point, I have been given a variety of Core exercises, including one sequence that goes Marching, Deadbugs and then Hip Bridges to finish that I can do at home. Being able to do things like that outside of a gym really helps.

4: Cross-Training – Like Swimming that I mention later, this is less focussed on a single area and works limbs and back well. It was the first machine I was shown on induction at the gym, and probably still the one I use most, even over the bikes.

3: Leg Presses – Part of my Weights regime, and probably by far the most successful exercise I have been introduced to. In early April I achieved 3 sets of 20 repetitions at a weight of 100kg for the first time, from a humble beginning of the same sets and reps but at 30kg when I started on this journey in January.

2: Interval training – This is a recent addition to my exercise routine at the suggestion of my trainer, though it’s more accurate to say it’s an evolution of the work I was doing already on the cross-trainers, varying levels of difficulty for short bursts with ‘rests’ rather than going at a consistent rate for a set time.

1: Swimming – Always been my favourite form of exercise, one that is low impact and has probably the widest benefits. I find I don’t even have to be the fastest swimmer (preferring to go for endurance at a slower pace, usually) to feel a difference from it.

When doing these and the other things I do to work out, I have a target of progressing something in effort level, repetitions or time within each week, and so far I feel like I am succeeding, long may that continue.

Til next time, Peace and Dead Lifts