MFX Ramblings, More Than A-Peeling

We Are Family…

We’ve come a long, long way together…through the hard times and the good…I have to celebrate you baby…I have to praise you like I should.

Warning – Grant Cook may be getting his lawyer on the case, cos there’s about to be what could be termed as gimmick infringement this week. It’s probably a bit self-indulgent, but bear with me. There’s a point to it. Think of it as a letter, or work, of love.

Almost 20 years ago, a man called Noel Gallagher sat down and wrote a song called Acquiesce.

When you look at part of the lyrics, they almost perfectly sum up what MFX, the show, the stars, the friends of the show and the Galaxy, are all about.

“Because we need each other..

We believe in one another

And I know we’re gonna uncover

What’s sleepin’ in our soul…”

Granted, that last line could be interpreted as being slightly creepy. Rapey even, depending on your mindset. But the first couple of lines perfectly some up what MFX has come to represent – we need each other, we believe in one another.

What Duckman and Syrian Trumps have managed to create over the past few years is incredible.

At first, a wrestling podcast. Then, when mainstream (for want of a better word) wrestling became apocalyptically shite, they introduced characters and made chicken salad out of chicken shit. Every dog has its day though, and now MFX has become an all-encompassing world where nothing is out of bounds, and no-one’s safe from the clutches of Duckman and Syrian.

It’s not just the most entertaining podcast out there. It’s a juggernaut. Merch is available here, there’s a successful Facebook discussion group, the forums (which serve a variety of different purposes and touch on an endless amount of topics) and not forgetting the newly revamped website, where you’re reading this. Not bad for two guys who’ve never met, right?

Without those guys, none of us would have been able to hurl abuse at, or give advice to, each other on Facebook/Twitter/the forums, and without us, those guys wouldn’t have an audience.

What makes MFX stand out from most other podcasts/websites/fan communities, is the fact that it’s very much a family. An abusive and dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless!

I’m a proud, card carrying member of the MFX Galaxy, but I was relatively late to the MFX Podcast party. Others have been on this particular bandwagon since the start, and others have joined more recently. So what is it that keeps us coming back, or attracts us?

Well, in a word – unpredictability. You’ve got more or less no fucking idea where those entertaining pricks are going to go, or how they’re going to get there. It’s like being on a train that’s been hijacked and is hurtling out of control. But they’re kind hijackers. There’s no destruction. Just laughs aplenty, and nothing’s off limits.

I’ll let you in to a wee secret.

Around 18 months or so ago, things in the Peel Kingdom weren’t quite as rosy as they are now. It was a dark time. A time when I needed a bit of support. A bit of a kick in the pants. And the lads were there for me. Just by lending an ear.

After a few chats with the lads – individually and together – and picking up different tips from them, I managed to sort myself the fuck out. In fact, during one of said chats, I was Goldferg’d (love how that’s now a verb!) out of my fucking nut.

But… the things that Duckman and Syrian said, their sage advice, gave me the impetus to stop feeling sorry for myself and do things that would help me to get back on my feet. And things are looking up.

Let’s be clear. Duckers and Syrian don’t know me from Adam (Wrong). They went out of their way to help me out and they didn’t have to. That’s the sort of lads they are. And it’s not something they’ll shout about. They do it cos they’re top-drawer cunts, and I can’t speak highly enough of them.

It’s hard to believe now, but I can’t even remember how I first became aware of everyone’s favourite half-man, half-duck hybrid. It might have been around the time I started writing for a now-defunct website. For argument’s sake, let’s call it Sports Entertainment Shambles.

As soon as I found Duckman’s work, it was enough to hook me and it was hard to believe I’d missed it before. He’s got a talent for mixing nuggets of insight (as he calls them) with humour, and producing reading material that doesn’t take an hour and a half to get to the point.

He’d always shill the podcast at the end of his articles, but I never quite got round to listening for one reason or another. When I did though, I was hooked and I’ve been an MFX junkie ever since.

And then we come to the man of 1000 voices, Syrian Trumps. Or Sir Ian of Trumpington. So many names, and so little time. He’s considerably richer than us you know. And relatively young. And funny as fuck to boot.

Whether he’s breaking down Z-list wrestlers or celebrities, or remembering times when he had moon boots on his feet, Trumps’ penchant for pushing the envelope makes his rants must-hear.

Those lads are the perfect foil for each other. Like Jack Daniels and Coke. Or Jack Daniels and more Jack Daniels. And to put it bluntly, they deserve all the success in the world.

They’ve managed to sit through HOURS of shit wrestling in order to make something entertaining for us to while away a few hours. And when that got too tough, they decided to overhaul things and evolve – and we’re now at a stage where they’ll cram sports, (occasionally) wrestling, TV, movies and other hot topics in to give us a show every other week.

If you’re undecided about whether to put 3 hours or so aside to listen to MFX Podcast, or watch Raw, I know what I’d be doing. See ya Raw!

And don’t give me that shit about “ooh, I’m not a podcast guy” either. Bullshit. You spend enough time interacting in other ways, so what’s to stop you from downloading a podcast onto your phone and listening while you do whatever the fuck it is that you do. Masturbating probably. “I’m not a podcast guy”. Please…

Every one of us has a common interest, and there’s likely a few other people out there in the Galaxy who are the same. Whether you’re looking for advice on getting fitter, or ragging on Raw because it’s just fucking nonsense, or chatting about your sports team, this podcast/site caters for almost anyone.

In order to get this site/entity/juggernaut to where it needs to go, and should be, it’s a simple process.

How long does it take to retweet a link, or share it on Facebook? Literally seconds. SECONDS. Imagine if everyone reading this, or who visits the forums/Facebook page, or who listens to the show, did that? The potential is there. And it’ll take a team effort to get us there. We all have a part to play.

We need each other… we believe in one another. Don’t we?