A Message From The Trained Monkeys, MFX Ramblings

Welcome to MFX Ramblings!

Hello, everyone! We are the trained monkeys that help run this website, and we are acting on orders from our Fearless Leader, Alex Smiley. You might know him as the nice, kind guy that helps out with the website and does graphics for the MFX Podcast, but we’ll have you know that he’s a very stern man when he wants to be. Such is the case with getting this first blog sent out, to help him write up a guide for the other blog writers! Pretty soon, the MFX Galaxy will be treated to great articles about such topics as:

  • Technology
  • Current events
  • Life/health issues
  • Wrestling
  • Anime
  • And much more!

We here at the MFX Podcast are excited to see these blogs come to the site, and we invite you along for the ride! Thanks for reading, MFX Galaxy!